Top products for covering a breakout



As someone who doesn’t particularly suffer with spots or bad skin, whenever I get an breakout, it’s usually because of stress and bad eating. When such is the case, I immediately rummage through my collection to find my best products to help neutralise the situation. If I am honest, with a mixture of healthy eating and a reorganisation of my life, my spots usually sort themselves out pretty quickly. Therefore, I have never really ventured into intensive creams as I just let them sort themselves out. Therefore today, as my skin is probably as bad has been since I was going through puberty, I thought I would share some of my favourite products to help cover the mountains that are currently residing on my face. Now I am know I am extremely lucky that I don’t suffer with breakouts on a regular basis. However, I definitely am not immune to them and my current outbreak is making dam sure I know it. Anyway, let’s jump straight in!

NARS – Radiant Creamy Concealer


IMG_20170822_115429_466Whenever I have a breakout, this is the first product that I immediately grab. If I am honest this product only really gets used when I am suffering with bad skin. It’s thick consistency helps to quickly reduce the redness of the spots and neutralise the face. I typically place this underneath my foundation so that it does the initial covering. This way, once the foundation is applied, it makes life a lot easier and reduces the amount of product that needs to be applied.

Rimmel – Match Perfect

IMG_20170822_115224_130I always thought this product was a bit over hyped in the beauty world. However, once I tried it, I realised it really is one the best drugstore foundations, especially when it comes to covering spots. What I love about this foundation is that unlike other medium to high coverage foundations, when it eventually starts to wear down (because they all do), it doesn’t split and crack around troubled areas. Rather, this foundation stays even and continues to reduce the appearance of spots. I am not saying that if you have a spot at its absolute peak that this foundation will be able to completely hide it but it will definitely lower attention to it.


Maybelline – The Eraser Eye

IMG_20170822_115314_335Now, this is only a step I take if the redness around my face is still evident once the previous two steps have been applied. I know this is an under eye concealer but I much prefer to use it to give extra coverage to troubled areas. Usually, I try to avoid applying too many layers of product on my spots as I typically find that the more I apply, the more attention it draws. However, on occasions where redness is still creeping through, I like to just apply this concealer to neutralise it out. After years of testing and trying, this is by far the best concealer I own for covering blemishes on top of foundation. I know some people prefer going in with two layers of foundation, however I prefer going in with one and then using this concealer to further cover any problem areas. P.S make sure this concealer is the same colour as your foundation and not lighter! If it is lighter, it will draw more attention to the spot!


Cream products

IMG_20170822_115753_590.jpgThis is more of a favourite type of product to use when I have a bad breakout rather than favourite products. I know everyone is different, but whenever I have a bad breakout, the worst thing I can do for my skin type, is apply lots of powder. I have always found that the more powder I use when I have breakouts, the more it clings to the spots, thus increasing their appearance. I have learnt that it works best for me to use cream face products and then set with a light layer of powder. This way, the cream blends into the skin rather sitting on top of the blemishes. What I love about this as well is it creates a healthy glow to skin! I recently uploaded a blog post explaining how cream products can really bring luminosity to the skin. Check it out here!

So there are favourite products to use when I a have breakout! Remember, everyone’s skin is different and response to products in different ways!

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