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For the third instalment of my ‘top picks’ series, this post is going to be dedicated to blushers. Before bronzers and highlighters, blusher was my go to face powder. Blusher was definitely one of the first makeup products I really got into and I suppose this is actually where my obsession with collecting makeup started. When I first began wearing blusher, it fell into two categories; ones that made you look like a clown or ones that were virtually non-existent. However, as I started diving through my collection to write this blog post, I realised just how many different types there are. In order that this wasn’t the longest blog post on the planet, I narrowed it down into four categories; powder, cream, matte and shimmer. Before I start rambling too much, I think it is time to jump straight in.

Powder blushBenefit blushers


I think for this category it would be almost impossible to give one absolute answer. My reasoning for this is because Benefit creates the most wonderful powder blushers and I genuinely would recommend every single one. If you are not someone who is familiar with Benefit powders then I would 100% recommend purchasing one of the cheek palettes. Not only are these palettes good value for money but they also give you the ability to explore and try out a variety of their blushers. All of Benefit’s blushers are easy to blend, subtle but still buildable and most importantly they come in the most glorious colours. ‘Coralista’ was the first ever blusher I owned and it is still a favourite to this very day.

Cream blushBourjois Aqua blush in ‘Ingé nude’


Bourjois are another brand who always seem to get blusher right. However, cream products, especially blushers, always have that extra possibility of failure. Not only have they got to do everything a powder blush does but also they have to do it without moving any of the products underneath. Believe you me, I have tried enough cream blushers to know that this is a real issue even when placed just on top of concealer. However, Bourjois seem to be one of the few brands who have been successful in ensuring this doesn’t happen. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely needs technique to work. You need a light hand and patience but if you are playing with cream products then this is a given. Applied lightly with a damp beauty blender or even just fingers, this product glides easily onto this skin and blends like a beauty. This product can come in a nude, coral or pink shade so although limited, there is definitely something to play with.

Matte blushMUA blushers


I don’t think I will ever forget the day when I discovered MUA blushers. My local super-drug had just had a major reconstruction and one of the new stands was MUA. I think I picked up ‘bon bon’ and cupcake’ for £1.99 or something ridiculous and they are still blushers that I reach for regularly. For me it doesn’t matter about the price, if it works it works. If it’s £1 or if it’s £100 (not that I can afford £100 blushers but you get my gist), if the product works I am going to recommend it. The MUA blushers are in my own opinion, the same quality as Benefit’s. Don’t get me wrong, the colour range isn’t quite as versatile but if you can find a colour that you like then I would jump straight on it. They are easy to blend, they are pigmented, they stay put and they just do everything you would want a blusher to do. If you are on the hunt for an affordable blusher then I would 100% recommend MUA.

Shimmer blushChanel Joues Contraste in ‘reflex’

IMG_20170819_182632_411Mum if you are reading this, yes I stole your blusher…..

Time for a bit of a price jump now. Naturally, a massive shout out has to go to Nars ‘Orgasm’ at this point but today I wanted to talk about Chanel. I think my love for blusher came from roaming through my mum’s Chanel collection when she wasn’t around. I remember trying out all of the different colours on my face until I looked like a bright pink ball. However, as I grew to appreciate makeup and especially Chanel, I really did fall in love with their blushers. There is something about them that is a little more sophisticated than any other blusher. Whilst the Joues Contraste range is made up of shimmers, they are all so subtle and elegant. Although I love shimmer blushers, I am not a fan of having chunks of glitter all over my face and I think what I love about the Chanel ones is they simply just add a glow to the cheeks without drawing in too much attention. If you have the money to splurge then I would definitely explore the Joues Contraste range.


9 thoughts on “Top blusher picks

  1. I absolutely love MUA products, it has become one of my holy grail brands, especially if you are on a budget! I love their highlighters so I must have to try out their blushers too! This is a great post so well done 🙂 xxxx

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  2. have to try that mua one esp since the comments on this post! ive never tried chanel products either but a lot of people have good reviews about them!

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