The skill to unwinding


Whenever I am stressed, overwhelmed or even just really tired, my absolute favourite thing to do is to have an evening to myself to simply unwind and distress. As I have got older, my unwinding routine requires more and more products. Without being over complicated, I try and include as many products and rituals as possible that are going to relax my body, skin and mind. I know that sounds cliché but I like to be calm in every aspect of my life. Being an adult can be very busy and very stressful, I like to use these unwinding evenings to slow everything down and regain control of my thoughts.

IMG_20170815_151733_602The first thing I always do when I need evening to myself is to shut down all of my electronics. As you can imagine, as a writer, I spend a lot of my day staring at a screen so I use this opportunity to focus my eyes elsewhere. Once I have done so, I run a hot bubble bath and light some candles. On such evenings, I like to use bubble bath that focuses on relaxation. For example, I will reach for a muscle relaxer or something that is designed to make you sleepy. I know bubble bath is bubble bath but I think the brain sometimes tricks itself into believing certain things, the placebo effect comes to mind here.

Whilst my bath in running, I ALWAYS apply a face mask when I am trying to relax. I tend to avoid any peeling masks on such evenings, as the removing of them can be quite painful, especially if any hair is attached. Usually, I will go for some form of a sheet mask. My favourite at the moment is Soap and Glory’s ‘ Radiance-boosting mask’. Not only is it easy to apply but it’s pomegranate scent, sends you straight into relaxation mode. Once everything is ready, I get into the bath and read my book for around half an hour. There are very few occasions where I get to read my book in absolute peace but my bath time is one.

IMG_20170815_151827_153Once bath time is complete, I go about my usual evening routine and get into extra comfy PJ’s. If I am super tired, I will usually crawl straight into bed. However, most of the time, I like to continue reading my book for a little while. If so, I like to use some under eye masks just to help moisturise the eye area so I feel extra refreshed in the morning. Again, this week I have been using Soap and Glory’s ‘puffy eye attack’ patches as they are super hydrating and cool.

I would love to know how all of you relax when the world is getting a little overwhelming! Leave a comment below!

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