London Lash – lash extension review




As I grew up in Essex, the world of false lashes is definitely no stranger. I think I aced applying the £2.50 bundle from Ebay at around the age of 14. Due to the ease and comfort I find in false lashes, I have never truly ventured into lash extensions. I have had them a few times in the past and they have been a total disaster. I have either hated them immediately due to either their discomfort or appearance or (as it happened the first time), I was not aware of the 24-hour rule and washed them off the same evening. As a result of this, I never thought I would be bragging about lash extensions over on this blog. However, all that changed a few nights back when I was falling asleep for half hour having London Lashes applied.

I had heard quite a lot about London Lashes as my beauty therapist is rather passionate about the brand. However, I was still not convinced they would be right for me. Regardless, as a beauty blogger, I kind of have to try different things in order to give my opinion. So after a half an hour nap, the process was complete and I was handed a mirror. All I can say is that my first reaction was sincere shock. In my own opinion, lash extensions have always (more so than false lashes), looked obvious and rather fake. I guess I just assumed that this would be the same for the London Lashes. However, to my pleasant surprise I was wrong.

When I looked in the mirror, I was greeted with nothing more than a natural lift to the eyes. The lashes were super subtle and it was only from close up that you could tell they were extensions. The lashes added length, volume, colour and an elegant curl, without being over the top. The results were similar to what I would try and achieve with mascara, just without the clumps and fall out.

If I am honest, my issue with lash extensions has always been their heaviness and discomfort on the eyes. If done properly, there should be a lash applied to almost every single hair. As you can imagine, unless you are a regular to lash extensions, this could be rather uncomfortable. However, due to the silk lashes that London Lash supply, I was able to avoid this discomfort. The lashes are super soft and light and unless you are an avid eye rubber, you wouldn’t know they are there. If you are someone who likes to invest their money in lash extensions, then I would try and find someone in your local area who provides London Lash.

Depending on where you go, infills are needed around 4 weeks after the initial appointment. Even if you are a lash extension virgin, if you are someone who loves false lashes then I would definitely check these out. Although I went for a more natural look, London Lash provides various types and lengths of lashes so you can create your desired eye.


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