Creating a dewy and glowy complexion



IMG_20170812_181524_480.jpgOn the odd occasion when the sun actually decides to make an appearance, I want my makeup to be as dewy and glowy as possible. I know for most people, this usually involves a glowy foundation and a bucket load of highlighter. Although those are definitely a must for this, I always like to go one step further. The trick with this look is to get it as dewy and glowy as possible whilst still looking somewhat natural. I personally think that if you are successful with this, you can create such a healthy looking face that elegantly glows. Today I thought I would share with my top tips for achieving this natural, glowy look.


Starting with a good base is the most important factor when it comes to any look. Looking after your skin is so important and starting with a good base ensures maximum results. I think when it comes to exfoliating, people sometimes forget about the face. I have had a lot of people say to me that it is too harsh on their skin. Well my darlings, that is why acid based exfoliators exist. Obviously everyone has their own preferences when it comes to this. I think the word acid immediately puts people off but believe it or not they are actually very gentle on the skin. My personal favourite is The Ordinary’s ‘Lactic acid in 10%’.

Use an illuminating primer

We all know how important primers are in ensuring our makeup applies evenly and stays put throughout the day. However, there are so many primers now that it can be quite confusing. In order to achieve a natural, glowy look, I typically like to stick to illuminating primers. This way there is no confusion over what the product aims to do. Usually such products have a shimmer to them in order to begin the illuminating process. I personally like to go in with my Becca ‘Backlight priming filter’ and then use my YSL ‘Touche éclat blur primer’ to cover my pores, whilst still adding luminosity to the skin.

Use a light coverage foundation

After completing both of these steps, the last thing you want to do is go in with a high coverage, dewy foundation. Of course, products such as Nars ‘Sheer Glow’ are really good at creating a dewy look. However, the heaviness of the product will contradict the natural, daytime complexion that we want to achieve. For a more natural, glowy look, I will take a light to medium foundation and simply dab it into the skin. By doing this, you are still allowing the luminosity of the primer to come through in order to help create a natural glow.

Work mostly with cream products

I know working with cream products is an absolute nightmare for many people. However, if you stick with it, you can create the most gorgeous, dewy complexion that simply cannot be achieved with powders. When I am creating this look, I like to take my time and use cream bronzers, blushers and highlighters in order to define my facial features. Once I am happy with my complexion and how everything has blended, I will apply a small amount of powder just to ensure everything is locked in. Of course, when it comes to setting my highlighter, I will apply my Becca ‘Champagne pop’, as you just can’t create a glowy look without it.

Dab in the setting spray

I learnt this trick from watching Laura Lee and boy am I glad I did. Rather than simply showering setting spray all over my face and leaving it, I now take a damp blender to dab it in. At first I was a bit dubious about this process, as I truly believed it would smudge any makeup I had on. However, once I tried this trick, I was amazed. The dampness of the blender removes any excess powder that could be clinging to the face and simply leaves you with a dewy complexion. Now whilst the majority of this look is achieved with cream products, powder still needs to be applied. Therefore, by dabbing in the setting spray, you are removing any evidence of such powder. Honestly try it!

So there are my top tips for creating a dewy look. If I am honest, it is my favourite makeup look and I wear it quite often. However, it definitely works best when the sun is shinning!


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