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*very worn and very loved products, reasoning for bad photograph, sorry*

Following the love I received from my ‘Top highlighter picks’, I have decided to turn it into a series over here on my blog. For the second post of the series, today I am going to talking all about bronzers. I don’t know about anyone else but I personally feel that bronzers have gone a little ignored in the beauty world over the past year. I mean, they are still very important and heavily discussed, however, it is now all about contour and highlight rather than simply bronzing. Of course contouring is very important and therefore I obviously want products that are going to achieve this. However, I also like products that will allow me to create a subtler look. If I am honest, I think that bronzers are one of the most important elements to any makeup look. Why? They can bring colour, definition and warmth to the face, which are my three favourite components when it comes to makeup. Without necessarily even realising it, I typically stick to high-end bronzers due to the quality of the colour and the formula. I often find with drug-store bronzers that they can be quite orange and difficult to blend. Today I will be sharing with you my top picks for; shimmer bronzer, cream bronzer and contour bronzer.

Shimmer bronzer – Hourglass Ambient lighting bronzer in ‘radiant bronze light’

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 14.34.35

When it comes to pressed powders, Hourglass is my go to brand. However, when it comes to their ambient bronzers, I personally believe that there is no match. I am yet to find a brand or product that even comes close to matching this product. You can achieve so many different looks with this bronzer, from natural glow to strong contour. I find that this product can bring so much definition to the face without being too overpowering. On the days when I’m not really wearing any makeup, I like to place this on my contour zones just to add a little colour. However, when I want a strong contour, lets say on a night out, I will place this product on top of a matte bronzer to help further that defined appearance. I know Hourglass is pricey and is out of a lot of peoples budget, however, this is a product worth saving for. I think every beauty addict should have an Hourglass bronzer in their collection. Believe it or not, brands will soon start announcing their 2017 Christmas collections and Hourglass always release an outstanding palette that includes a bronzer. I’d definitely be keeping an eye out for that!

Cream bronzer – YSL ‘Les Sahariennes’

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 14.35.32

Now obviously a shout out has to go to Chanel’s ‘Soleil Tan’ as it is a fabulous cream bronzer. However, what I love about the YSL bronzer, is that it is slightly heavier and therefore is slightly more versatile. Applied with a large bronzing brush, you can create a super natural, dewy, summer look as it is easy to blend and applies consistently. On the other hand, applied with a dense brush, you can create that strong contour look. Whilst you could use the Chanel bronzer to create definition, the YSL one is going to be a lot stronger. As with the Hourglass bronzer, these are not necessarily affordable products for many people, therefore, what I love about them is their ability to create both a natural look and a strong contour. If you are someone who is simply after a light, natural bronze then I would splurge on the Chanel. However, if you are someone who wants the ability to create a strong contour then I would go for the YSL as it is going to give you both options.

Contour bronzer – Benefit ‘Hoola’

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 14.36.19

This is no surprise, I think every beauty guru, along with their Tom Ford bronzers, say that ‘Hoola’ is their go to for contouring. What I love about this product is it’s definitely not that going out, glam, strong contour, rather it offers true definition. Any contour professional knows that most skin types need a grey tone to truly enhance their facial features. Unfortunately however, a lot of brands really struggle with this and end up creating something that just looks dirty and washed out on the face. Benefit however, seemed to hit the mark before anyone else. I think what works with ‘Hoola’ is, it’s not too grey and it’s not too brown, it’s dead in the middle and just creates the most gorgeous contour. I know Benefit is still pretty up there in price as a mid-range brand however for the quality of the products and how long they last, I would not complain! Another bronzer that I would like to mention for this category is Too Faced’s ‘Milk chocolate soleil’. Forgetting all the drama surrounding this brand, this bronzer has always been much loved by me. It works in similar ways to ‘Hoola’, however, it does have an over-powering scent, which I know can be off putting for a lot of people. If you are someone who can get over that then I would put it on par with ‘Hoola’ for contouring.

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