Book lover’s day



In celebration of book lover’s day, today I thought I would share some of my all time favourite books with you! Reading has always and will always be a big part of my life. When I was a child my dad used to read to me every single night before bed and I suppose that’s where my love of reading began. I can’t quite remember the name but my absolute favourite was this huge book filled with bedtime stories such as ‘The elves and the shoe maker’, ‘The old lady who swallowed a fly’ and ‘Humpty Dumpty’. Along with being read to of an evening, every Wednesday, my dad and me used to head down to the local library and just read. I could not be more thankful of my dad for opening me up to the world of books and reading, especially as 21 years later it has led me to becoming a writer. No matter what type of writer you are, whether you’re a children’s author or a political news writer, you will never succeed unless you read. I have to admit, I am that person who gets annoyed at people that claim they cannot read or “hate” reading, as I truly believe that books are a gift in this world. Without getting too much into history and feminism, rewind to the 18th century and books were a rarity. Women in particular were frowned upon for reading and to be a female author was near impossible unless their writing was published under a pseudonym. As an avid book lover, I personally think that the evolution of books and reading is certainly something to celebrate. Therefore, to give a bit of inspiration on this day, here is a list of my favourite books!

J.K Rowling – Harry Potter (all of them)

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am a massive Harry Potter geek. I mean I literally have a Harry Potter tattoo on my ribs and I’m not ashamed. The Harry Potter books were the first ‘proper’ books that I was introduced to. I’m pretty sure my dad read them to my brother and I being just 1 or 2 was just there. Regardless, as I grew older, my love for Harry Potter grew stronger and now I’m just a massive fan girl.

Patrick Süskind – Perfume, a story of a murderer

So a little different from Harry Potter, however I am a sucker for a good murder novel, especially when it has a magical realism air to it. To sum this novel up; an eighteen century orphan is born with a exquisite sense of smell and later becomes a murderer as he tries to capture and bottle the smell of young virgins. I know I have odd taste in literature but it is truly a remarkable novel and if anyone is into gruesome cannibalism then this one is for you.

Markus Zusak – The book thief

A heart-breaking yet truly eye-opening novel that is now on so many reading lists across the globe. Along with discussing the importance of words and reading, the novel deals with so many other important and educational themes. Although sometimes a difficult read, it is a true page-turner and a book that should be read by everyone. P.S, the film does it no justice.

Daphne du Maurier – Frenchman’s Creek

If you are someone who loves a good page-turner and an easy read but something that is filled with plots and mystery, then DDM is your girl. My university named an entire building after her because she is truly an inspiration. I’d probably go as far as to say she is the best author I have personally ever come across. I treasure Frenchman’s Creek so much as it is the first novel of hers I read. From the moment I read this novel, I was opened up to entirely new way of writing. A truly remarkable novel, consisting of crime, piracy, adventure and so much more.

Marcel Proust – Swann’s way

Now this is a slightly different book in the fact that it is not a favourite because I love it but more so because I hate it. Sound confusing? I remember my interview for university and the head of the course asked me if I am passionate about something because I love or because I hate it. At the time I wasn’t really sure what that meant and I think I made some silly story up to sound impressive. However, since being introduced to French impressionist Marcel Proust, I now understand that question. The entire novel has seven volumes and if you have read them all you deserve a medal. I have only read the first part and whilst it is a gripping story line and a true academic novel, my God it is the hardest piece of literature I have ever read. Usually if I don’t like a novel within the first 30 pages, I put it down and start something new. However, for some reason I pursed this novel and I think 3 months later I finally finished it. If you are someone who likes a challenge then this is certainly the book for you. Not only did I get an immense sense of pride for finishing this novel, but also it completely changed my writing style and how I approached essays at university. I honestly believe that if it were not for this novel, I would not have graduated with the grade I did so for that, this is truly one of my favourite books.


Please leave a comment below telling me all your favourites and why you love them!! I love hearing about new books so don’t hold back!






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