Getting motivated



It may be August and over here in England that supposedly means it is summer. Yet once again I’m writing this blog post snuggled up in a blanket whilst a rain shower drops over the Cornish lands. On days like this I am sure I am not the only one who wants nothing more than to stay in bed and junk watch Netflix or Harry Potter. I had originally intended to upload a blog post today discussing my summer must haves but that seemed rather silly considering the lack of sun. As a result of this I have spent the past hour staring blankly at my screen and searching for inspiration. That’s when I decided that I would write a post all about staying motivated as not only will it get me motivated but hopefully some of you too!

You all know those days when you’re roughly 10 cups of tea in and about your 100th scroll through the same Instagram posts. That’s today for me and I have decided that it’s time to get motivated and do something. Now as I have already mentioned, the high heavens have once again opened over Cornwall so the chances of me leaving the house are slim to none. So how to stay motivated when cuddling under the duvet with Netflix is just so tempting. Luckily during my three years at university I managed to ace working in bed. I have to admit, having no money for heating made that a lot easier. Still, distractions are everywhere.

First things first, get up, get showered and get dressed (even if it is back into PJ’s). Even if you have the full intention of getting back into bed, being fresh and clean always helps. Now as blogging kind of requires me to spend a lot of time on my laptop, I try and focus my attention else where for at least half an hour. My favourite thing to do when I’m lacking motivation is to read a book. I’ve always been a big reader and for me personally, reading always helps to get my brain stimulated.

Once I feel fresh and have my brain slightly switched on, it’s time to address the writers block. It’s real and for any writer it is the biggest burden. I know being a beauty blogger probably seems pretty easy. Pick up new products and write about them. Yeah that’s great, until you run out of money and new products. Plus, reviewing new products every single day may get a bit boring for your readers, so you have to switch it up a bit and that’s where the writer block comes in. Luckily, there are so many bloggers out there now a days that it is pretty easy to get inspiration but don’t mix inspiration up with out right copying. To address my writers block, of course I search multiple blogging platforms but my best solution is to open up a blank document and start writing. Honestly, I started this blog post with absolutely no idea where it was heading but now it’s over 500 words long (although it’s mostly me waffling but hey sometimes that’s okay).


Everyone suffers with a lack of motivation but it is how you deal with it that counts. Don’t get me wrong, some days motivation is so hard to find that I end up wasting the day binge watching Pretty little Liars. I guess if I could give one bit of advice to anyone struggling to find motivation it would be to attack one hurdle at a time. Always strive to succeed but just because you lack motivation today, doesn’t mean you will tomorrow.

P.S I created a new twitter account dedicated solely to this blog, give @blogofhannah a follow ❤

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