L’Oreal ‘Paradise Extatic’ – Review



As I am particularly low on funds this month, I am being extremely careful with my money. As you can imagine, as a beauty blogger this is not easy. So when I do pick up a beauty product, I need it to work. Now obviously I always want products to work but as a blogger I am constantly looking for HITS and MISSES so that I can give honest reviews. This month however I only have the time and money for HITS. So when I decided to pick up L’Oreal’s brand new ‘Paradise’ mascara, I was a little nervous. The product retails for £9.99, which is definitely up there for drug-store pricing. Regardless, I wanted to try this product since I heard about its release in the UK, so I was purchasing it.

Now if anyone has been following my blog for a long time you will know that L’Oreal is my favourite drug-store brand when it comes to mascaras. ‘Telescopic’ to this day is my ultimate go to. Naturally, this increased my desire to want to try this new product. Now my initial reaction was ‘how small is this!?’ I did question whether the size reflected the price tag. However, after kindly reminding myself that it could still be an amazing product, I decided it was worth the money. When I got home and opened the product however, I was met by another inner beauty blogger disappointment. The packaging itself is truly stunning and elegant but it just felt cheap… What I mean by that is I half expected it to be weighted and to have a bit of oomph to it but it just didn’t. I know that’s a lot to expect from a drug-store product but sometime you have expectations. However, I have never been one to let packaging put me off of a product. At the end of the day it’s all about what it can actually do rather than how it looks.

Onto the actual product – I LOVE IT. If I’m honest, as a loyal L’Oreal buyer, I guess I kind of knew I would love this product. I am very rarely let down by L’Oreal, especially when it comes to their mascaras. When you open the product an hourglass shaped soft brush greets you. For many people I know this will be an added benefit. The product itself adds both volume and length without being too clumpy. I will admit however, this is not a product that I personally would layer up. One coat and you’re good to go. If you are someone who loves that clumpy look then that can certainly be achieved with a couple of coats. The thing I love most about this product is its versatility. You can achieve multiple looks from natural and elegant to big and bold. It is a mascara for everything.

So how does it wear throughout the day? A lot of mascaras can be so perfect when applied but as soon as you leave the house it all goes down hill. There have been many an occasion where I have popped to the ladies whilst out shopping only to realise I look like a punched up panda. I think it has happened to us all but still it’s not flattering. So after wearing this mascara for a few hours, I decided to make that dreaded trip to the mirror to be greeted with a normal face. It was very surprising. I think sometimes I just expect my mascaras to run, especially as a waitress as I am constantly on the move. So when this mascara stayed put for the entire day, I was over the moon! I have to admit, I am so glad I purchased this product as it definitely my new favourite!

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