Top highlighter picks

A popping highlight has been every beauty guru’s ‘thing’ for the past year. There is no denying it. I don’t I know a single beauty blogger or Youtuber who doesn’t love to throw on the highlight. Over here in Britain, despite the suns lack of appearance, we are allegedly full swing in the summer months. Although most of us will chuck an entire pan of highlighter on our faces no matter what the weather, I suppose it’s now a little more acceptable. I don’t know about anyone else but I personally feel that highlighter can make or break a look. When it comes to my highlighter, I have three different categories that I’m constantly on the look out for; dewy (almost wet) highlight, glam to the high heavens and finally a natural bronzed glow. Each of these categories achieve a very different look for very different occasions. Today I thought I would share with you my top pick for each of these categories.

Dewy/wet highlight – Becca ‘Champagne pop’


Everyone has heard of this outstanding highlighter, as it is truly perfect. Becca’s highlighters have this magic ability to create a wet and dewy face. When applied correctly, not only can this highlight be seen from space but also it creates a wet healthy glow. What I love most about this highlighter is not only are you going to have a hella good highlight but you are also going to look super healthy and hydrated. This is my go to highlighter on a sunny day (not necessarily in summer) when I want to look extra healthy with a banging highlight.

Glam to the high heavens – L’Oreal ‘L’or highlighter’


I love this highlighter with all my heart. I think when it was released last Christmas I wore it every single day until I realised that it was limited edition. Now for the love of God I am hoping they re-stock this, this Christmas, as I kid you not it is the perfect party highlight. Actually no, if you are someone who rocks a glam highlight all day everyday then this is perfect! It’s golden cream, gently glides onto the skin and creates the most amazing highlight you have ever seen. Like seriously if you want someone’s attention then this is the way to go. *Dear L’Oreal please restock this or something similar this year*

Natural bronzed glow – YSL ‘Touche Éclat glow shot


Believe it or not, on the odd occasion, I actually fully appreciate a natural glow. Due to my skin tone, I can only do this with bronze products and I’m not complaining. YSL were the first high-end beauty brand that I fell in love with and to this day I am very loyal to them and own far too many of their products. However, I have to admit when I initially purchased this product it was more out of loyalty and a love of the packaging rather than anything else. However, I very quickly fell in love and become quite obsessed with a more natural highlight on low maintenance days. I kid you not this product just gives you the most gorgeous glow that can be worn with or without other makeup. I truly believe that this is a must for every busy women who doesn’t have that much time in the morning because it just makes you look awake and alive. Not to mention there is a shade for almost every skin tone so I would probably get on YSL now and purchase one.

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  1. Ooh I haven’t tried these but I absolutely love the collection highlighter! Great post, it’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out too x

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