Drops of Youth pure healthy brightening eye cream – Review



Who remembers the days when the only reason anyone actually went into The Body Shop was to sniff at their body butters? Well the company have come a long way since then and have become renowned in the beauty world for their skincare. After the huge success of the ‘Drops of youth’ range, The Body Shop has recently released a ‘Drops of light’ range. The entire range consists of six products, each designed to “brighten your skin, smooth the complexion and leave your skin tone even”. Unfortunately, The Body Shop is not quite as affordable as it was when I was ten (not necessarily a criticism), therefore I was only able to purchase one product from the range. Today I will be giving my full review on the ‘Drops of Light – pure healthy brightening eye cream’.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, this eye cream has very quickly become one of my absolute favourite products. In my own personal opinion, I believe that it does everything the range claims it should do. It brightens, smooth’s and evens out the skin tone under the eye. Whilst I am only 21 and my under eye area is not as of yet anything I am majorly concerned about, I definitely still get bags and puffiness in the morning. Therefore, this product is perfect for what I need it to do. However, due to the ingredients, I do believe that this product would be beneficial for most people to brighten and bring moisture back into the eye area.

The ingredient that The Body Shop appears to be most proud about in this product is the red algae extracts that have been harvested from the North Atlantic. Now this sounds great as it’s natural and is advertised to be rather exotic; but what does it actually mean? Well red algae extracts actually have amazing skincare benefits. Without being over complicated and to simply put it, in terms of skincare red algae is all about moisture and hydration. It is no secret that in order to obtain that brightened look, you need hydration in the skin; the two come hand in hand. As The Body Shop has chosen to use a natural ingredient to do so, the benefits truly show.

Along with the beneficial ingredients, the yellow tone colouring of this product is what truly makes it stand out. By adding a concealer element to this product, it allows you to subtlety neutralise the under eye. Now unless you’re a complete skincare guru, you’re probably not thinking or even bothered about the naturally sourced ingredients. You want something that works in morning and something that has immediate effects. I personally feel that this is exactly what this product does. Not only do you feel the hydration on your skin but also you can physically see it cover those dark circles. At the end of the day, that’s all most people want.

This product retails for £20 and I believe it is worth every penny. It is definitely up there in price, this is no drug-store price range, but it works. Now the only thing I would say, is despite some of the ingredients having anti-ageing properties, this is no anti-ageing product. This is perfect for the morning in waking you up, but if are someone who likes anti-ageing products, then maybe this is not for you. However, if you are someone who invests in skincare, I would say this is perfect for the morning and then have stronger anti-ageing product for the evening.


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