Top 5 in 5 minutes


Not that long ago, I uploaded a blog post outlining how to keep your skin clear whilst you’re working over summer. Now as I have finished university and I have quite a lot to save for, my hours have dramatically increased. As a result of this, my makeup has gone from the ‘no makeup, makeup look’, to virtually no makeup at all. Now don’t be fooled by that sentence, the ‘no makeup, makeup look’ actually entails a lot of makeup. If I’m honest there are a number of reasons for this shift in appearance; firstly, it saves a lot of time and secondly, it stops me from wasting makeup that would only sweat off when I’m running around. Therefore, for today’s blog post I thought I would share my daily top five products that I have been using daily in order that I don’t look like a walking zombie. However, I do think I need to start using a sixth product in order to add some colour to my face…. BUT did I mention this entire look only takes five minutes!?

The Body Shop ‘Drops of light eye cream’


I discovered this lifesaver around a week and a half ago and boy am I glad I did. This brightening eye cream has very quickly become my beauty favourite of the month. Why? Not only is this product extremely moisturising but its yellow tone colouring allows it to help cover those unwanted dark circles. Now as eye creams (obviously) have to be applied one eye at a time, this is where you can notice the immediate effects of this product. When I’m limiting the amount of makeup I am wearing this product is perfect as it allows me to skip out concealer whilst still bringing some life to my appearance. However, please bare in mind that this is an eye cream and not concealer and therefore it will not fully cover those circles but it will help reduce redness and puffiness! Full review coming soon.

L’Oreal ‘Hydra Genius Aloe water’


I have already done a full review of this product so you will know just how much I love its immediate effects. When I am not wearing any face makeup I find this product perfect for hydrating and plumping my skin to add that dewy glow. After applying it like a regular moisturiser to hydrate, I then go in with a bit of pressure and press it into the skin to help plump it. The result of both of these techniques leaves my skin with a natural dewiness, which is perfect for when I’m not wearing makeup.

Lush ‘Lip scrub in Bubblegum’


I don’t know if this is just me but applying a lip product when I am not wearing face makeup just makes me looked washed out. However, I am not a fan of leaving my lips dull and lifeless with nothing on them. Therefore, my favourite thing to do in this situation is to apply a lip scrub after showering. Not only does this remove dead skin, but it also plumps and brings colour back into the lips. Lip scrubs are my personal favourite when I am not wearing makeup as they bring colour and life back into my entire face. Not to mention they smell and taste amazing!

Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Dipbrow in dark brown’


I’ve said this many times on my blog and I’ll say it again, I seriously struggle leaving the house without my brows on. Applied with a small angled brush, the ABHs Dipbrow allows me to create my perfect eyebrow without looking too dramatic. Of course without any other makeup on, it is very easy to over do it, especially in regards to brows. Therefore, I take my time on my brows and always have cotton buds at the ready!

Benefit ‘Roller lash’


Finally, my favourite thing to do in order to level out my facial features is to apply a layer of mascara. Now I know mascara is very personal, some like natural and fluttery and some like big and bold. If I am honest I like both just depending on the situation. Therefore, when I am wearing limited makeup, I just want a thin layer to add some definition. This is why Roller lash is perfect for this as it adds a slight curl to the lashes and allows me to create a simple fluttery eye look.





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