Imperial Leather – Cherry Bakewell collection



This probably seems like an odd post to be going up on my blog. I mean not many beauty bloggers dedicate an entire post to body wash and bubble bath. And no this is not a sponsored post; I just bloody love anything to do with baths! Anyway, in my eyes bubble bath is most definitely a beauty product!

For the past year or so I have only been using the Imperial Leather sweet treats range as my body wash. My two person favourites up until now were ‘Marshmallow’ and ‘Fruit Chews’. However, for some reason I had never ventured into their bubble bath collection. That is until now. Last week I was wondering around the bath section in my local Asda when I was greeted with the word ‘NEW’ whilst browsing the Imperial Leather collection. After taking one sniff of the product, I had a severe craving for the cake. Therefore, along with purchasing four bottles of bubble bath and multiple body washes, I also went and picked up some actual cherry bakewells. What amazed me the most about this product was not that it matched the smell of the cake but rather that of the taste! How do they even do that!? How can my body and bath smell exactly the same as the taste of a cake!? Mind blown.

Anyway! In regards to the bubble bath, a little goes a long way. Ever since I was young, I have always needed a ton of bubbles in my bath and therefore I usually use half a bottle at the least. So when I did that with this product, it is safe to say I was in bubble heaven. Seriously, there was no water, just bubbles! The next time I used it, I was slightly more restricting and only used ¼ of a bottle and even then my bath was beyond magical. Not only was it full of bubbles but also it was bright pink and was setting off an aroma of cherry bakewell!

If I am honest, there’s not much else to say in regards to the body wash, as it is exactly the same as the bubble bath! Now I know when it comes to body wash everyone has their own preferences. For me personally, I want something full of foam so it is easy to wash with but I also want something that leaves a scent! That is what makes this body wash so perfect for me as it does exactly what I want it to, whilst smelling amazing! I believe you can purchase the body wash for £1 in some supermarkets so this is not something I would miss out on!!

I have to be honest, I am now going to struggle to decide which sweet treat to use on a daily basis! I think I will need a mixture of all three to switch between!!


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