Graduation beauty haul

Next week sees the end of an era for me and it is beyond surreal. Three years have past since my very first blog post reflecting on fresher’s week. All I am now left with is the memories, crushing debt and a chocolate coin with Dawn French’s face on. Regardless graduation is a pretty important day and I can guarantee there will be a large photo of me in a silly hat hanging in my parent’s living room. Therefore I need to look my best and how do I do that? I go shopping.

Becca ‘Champagne pop’


Now this product has been all the hype for the past year. For some reason however, I was, up until a couple of days ago a ‘Champagne pop’ virgin. When I saw that Becca were releasing a limited edition of the product with a champagne bottle engraved, I couldn’t think of anything more fitting. Plus I am a sucker for anything limited edition.

Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Dipbrow’


It’s graduation day and along with my highlight, I need my brows on point. Therefore rather than using a slightly dried up and old product, I decided to restock my beloved pomade. Shade – Dark brown

Lancôme ‘Matte shaker’


Now we all know how popular Lancome’s original beauty shaker’s were in the beauty world. So naturally when I came face to face with the Matte version, I had to make a purchase. It’s matte, nude and in adorable packaging; I couldn’t think of anything better. Shade – Beige vintage 270

Zoeva brushes


A girl can never have too many makeup brushes right? What’s the point in buying all this new makeup if you don’t have the right tools to apply them with!? That’s how I justify it anyway.

129 – luxe fan (for that popping highlight)

231 – petit crease (to deepen the crease)

221 – luxe soft crease (to soften the crease)

134 – luxe powder fusion (to blend the eye/increase highlight/applying powder to small areas)

6 thoughts on “Graduation beauty haul

  1. Really loved reading this post, I’ve never tried Zoeva before and wondered if the brushes were any good💗 My blog:

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