Becca X Chrissy Teigan palette – Review (Finally!)


As a beauty blogger there is no better feeling than when you get your hands on the must-have-product of the month. Usually these products are expensive and are in collaboration with some form of celebrity. Last months must have; The Becca X Chrissy Teigan palette. I am not going to lie, I usually find products of this nature almost impossible to get my hands on. However, within just 2 seconds of my Cult Beauty ‘browse’, it was in my basket and demanding £45 from me. Hey, this is no cheap lifestyle. Now I know you’ve already seen countless reviews of this product but unfortunately I didn’t receive this beauty a month before its release date. Therefore, I decided to properly test this product over the course of the past few weeks so I could give a thorough review! (My first impressions are however over on my Youtube!)

The day this beauty arrived, I jumped straight in front of my camera and filmed a first impression video. Now for the money I spent on this product and the reputation of the brand, I was expecting some pretty amazing things. Maybe, just maybe, my expectations were too high as I have to be honest there were some definite disappointments.

The palette comes with four products; a bronzer, a blusher and two large pan highlighters. Each powder comes in a soft and creamy formulation and applies evenly to the skin. Now this was never an area I doubted as Becca have an outstanding reputation for their impeccable powder formulations.

No, my disappointments with this product are more personal if I’m honest. If any of you follow Chrissy on social media you will know that she loves that pink and peachy look and that definitely reflects in this palette. Whilst I expected nothing less, I did expect at least one of the highlighters to be more along the neutral or golden line. When I first applied the highlighters, I was unimpressed to say the least. However, I will admit when I first applied them, I used a dense brush (like I usually do), which as a result applied more colour than highlight. Now I have begun using a fan brush, I can get use out of one shade. The shade ‘Rose gold’, is a big no for me as a highlight as it is simply too pink. However, ‘Beach nectar’ is proving to be my friend when applied with a fan brush. It leaves my skin with that wet glow that is perfect for the summer time so for that I am happy.

Now lets talk about the bronzer and the blusher. I am so in love with the bronzer, it is crazy. It’s warm tone makes it a perfect match for my skin and contouring zones. Whilst it is not a contouring bronzer, it can definitely be used to add definition to the face on a daily basis. Moving onto the blusher, although it is a little bolder than I would usually go, when applied in small amounts, it again gives a nice subtle lift to the cheeks. I would definitely be careful with this product however and only pick up a small amount at any time.

All in all, this palette is getting a lot of use out of me, I just wish ‘Rose gold’ suited me so I could give this product 100% a thumbs up. However, it doesn’t so I can’t. Nevertheless, I would definitely recommend this product if you have money to splurge. All I would say, if you are someone who prefers a golden look compared to that of a pink, I would probably avoid this product as you will not get that golden glow you so desire.

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