Collection’s Lasting perfection colour correctors – Review



Collection is one of those brands who have seriously been upping their game this year. All be it, considering their extremely affordable price tag, they have always been up there when it comes to a reliable brand in the drug store. The ‘Lasting perfection’ concealer is probably one of their most celebrated products and at the beginning of this month, they released some new editions to the range; colour correctors.

Colour correctors have been trying to make a stand in the market for quite some time now. In my personal opinion, I think they may be trying just a little too hard. With the right foundation and concealer, I believe you can achieve an even look without the extra product and expense. With all that being said however, I am always down to try new products and with a £4.19 price point, who could resist.

Firstly, lets start with the packaging, as it is definitely a contributing factor. I have to admit, Collection have seriously upped their game on this matter. If you have owned the original concealer, you will know just how poor the packaging was. It couldn’t sit in your handbag for more than an hour before all the writing peeled off. Well now that is not an issue. The almost glass like packaging allows the writing to stay put and continues to look slick and clean to the very end. Definitely a thumbs up there!

Now I’m not going to sit here and tell you that you have to go and buy this product because I still believe that there are alternative solutions to covering discolouration. However, I have found this product helpful for heavier makeup looks. For the most part, the green shade has been gaining an awful lot of love under my eyes to help reduce my dark circles. Placed underneath my normal concealer, it is undetectable. Considering a number of colour correctors I have previously tried have been a complete nightmare to cover, this has been an added bonus as it simply blends into the skin. But does it make a significant amount of difference? If I’m honest, yes it does, but with it’s faults. This is no light coverage corrector, in fact it is very much the same texture and consistency to the original concealer. Therefore, when added with your regular concealer on top, it becomes a very heavy look. I have found it perfect for a night out but not something I would reach for in the day.

Overall, considering the price tag of this product, it is probably useful to have in your collection. What I would recommend is to find out what colours you need for your skin type so that you are only buying what is necessary. Colour charts are so easy to find online so I would recommend seeking one out before making a purchase.

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