Hydra Genius Aloe water by L’Oreal – Review


I swear every time I walk into my local boots recently there seems to be a brand new skin care item from L’Oreal. Of course there were only so many times I could resist. So a few weeks back I decided to pick up the brand new Hydra Genius Aloe water.

I have to admit at first I was slightly confused as to what this product was. The bottle advises to apply every morning and evening after your serum however in replace of a moisturiser. EH? So what is this product!? Well it’s a liquid moisturiser and it’s pretty amazing.

There are some superb qualities to this product as it has immediate effects. L’Oreal claim that it “glides on easily for quick absorption”, which is perfectly true. Without any other product on the face, this aloe water effortlessly applies to the skin leaving it soft and gentle for further application. The immediate hydration of this water is like no other moisturiser I have ever tried. It does not take any time to sink into the skin, which naturally makes applying makeup 100X easier as there is no waiting around.

With all that in mind however, I am yet to find any long term benefits. Whilst the product does offer immediate hydration, it doesn’t appear to be long lasting. In order to maintain the soft and hydrated skin, the product needs to be applied twice a day. Although there is absolutely no problem with this, if you’re a bit of a skincare fanatic like myself then you may need to ignore L’Oreal’s advice to apply without any other form of moisturiser.

All in all, I would probably not use this product in my daily ritual as I have other products that have longer lasting benefits. However, with that being said, whenever my skin may need a little extra hydration this will be my first call of action!!

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