Miss Baby Roll mascara – Review


If anyone has been reading my blog for a while you will probably know just how much I adore L’Oreal, especially their mascaras. So it is no surprise that when I walked into my local Boots and saw the sign for their latest launch of Miss Baby Roll I had to make a purchase. Since picking up the mascara around a week ago I have been trying and testing it as much as possible and now it is time to share my thoughts!

Firstly, lets begin with the negatives because well sometimes you just have to. L’Oreal to me is one of the more sophisticated brands in the drug store. I mean they own Lancome, YSl and Giorgio Armani so they are most certainly are not a mediocre brand. So when I saw the black, pink and mint green packaging I thought it was a bit cheap and almost childish. For me personally, I have always liked L’Oreal for their black or silver stylish covering. I also think the name of the product definitely had influence from else where… baby roll… is it me or does this sound very similar to a certain collection from another drug store brand. I’m just saying.

Moving on to the more positive aspects, as expected the mascara itself is actually very good. The wand is definitely scary looking and reminds me of the Colossus ride at Thorpe Park or for those of you not familiar to the ride, it looks like an electric drill. I don’t think it helps that the wand is plastic because you immediately know that if you catch yourself in eye (which I have), it’s going to hurt. However, if you are not somebody who is fazed by plastic wands then this mascara is worth a try. The shape of the wand allows it to grab every lash and extend them to their full capacity. It creates full and bold lashes with just one coat. If you are someone who likes a more natural and fluttery look then I would not recommend this product as one coat creates a pretty intense eye look.

I have bragged about the L’Oreal Telescopic mascara plenty of times on this blog as it is truly one of my favourites. However, my dig with it is that after a few hours either in the heat or if I’ve been running around, I am left looking like I have been punched in the face. So this week while I have been trying out Miss baby roll, it has been pretty hot and one thing that has really stood out is its staying power. There has been no smudging and no full out, which adds 100 points in my eyes. I personally find it quite hard to discover mascara that works in every way you want it to.

I’m not going to go as far as to say that this mascara is perfect as I don’t think that it is a product you can build on. After one coat it starts to go spidery and that’s just not a good look. Regardless of this, with one coat on a day-to-day basis I’m going to say it is a pretty good mascara and worth trying, especially if you are after a bold eye.

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