The three must haves in the morning!


You know those mornings when you only have five minutes to apply your makeup? Or you’re simply not in the mood to spend half an hour in the mirror… we all have those days! Being just six weeks away from my final deadlines, I’m not in any position to be doing my previous ‘everyday makeup routine’, which actually took 45 minutes. But that doesn’t mean that I necessarily want to leave the house completely bare, don’t get me wrong there are definitely days where it’s just not happening. However, most of the time I at least want to make myself look fresh, awake and most importantly alive. It’s safe to say that other than on a few nights out, I haven’t worn a full face of makeup in a very long time. I have simply been relying on a few products to get me through the day.

We all have that one thing, or a couple of things, that we have to do to our faces before we leave the house. Everyone is different when it comes to this, some people can’t leave the house without mascara, some without blush, we all have our preferences. Mine? Well you’re about to find out!

Could I leave the house without my Soap and Glory ‘Archery’ and my Illamasqua brow pomade on? No would be the easy answer to that. The one thing that can decrease my self-confidence is definitely a naked brow. If I haven’t had a tint in a while, then product is a must have in the morning. You know when people say that when they take off their bra their day is over? Well when I put on my brows, I know my day has started. It’s as simple as that! As my brows take me the longest, I always do them first and then any additional spare time will be used to apply other products.

Concealer – Gotta get rid of those blemishes
I don’t know about anyone else, but when it comes to foundation, it usually takes me 20 minutes apply as I blend to my hearts content (this probably explains why my makeup takes 45 minutes). However, right now I do not have time for that but I’m sure in six weeks time ill go back to my old habits. Anyway! This does not change the fact that I still have blemishes and spots to cover, especially spots because of my stress levels right now. So how do I work around this? Concealer. With the right product, you can get high coverage that lasts all day with a bit of setting powder. My personal favourites are the Maybelline eye-eraser, which is perfect for covering spots, blemishes and the under-eye area and the Collection Perfect Concealer, which is just perfect for everything. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when it comes to concealer, save your money! You can get some seriously good, high-quality concealers for an affordable price.

Lip balm
For this last ‘must have’, I was tempted to choose mascara, but since having my lash-lift, I am very comfortable without any. However, without even knowing it, every morning I put on a lip-balm, which simply nourishes and moisturizes my lips. There is nothing worse than that cracked, morning lip. Even when I do wear lipstick, I always put on a lip-balm before hand. There’s just something about a nourished lip that can make you feel awake and ready for the day. Lip-balm is one of those products that you can go and grab for a pound or something that you can spend a bit of money in order to get a subtle tint as well. It’s a preference!

What are your morning must haves!?

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