The power of an LVL Lash Lift

This photo was taken before my Lash Lift and quite clearly before I had my brows done

after edited.jpg

And the results! This picture does zero justice!

If you consider yourself a beauty Queen and you haven’t heard of a lash lift yet then you seriously need to reconsider your life. Who am I kidding, I only heard about it a few weeks ago? But after having my lashes glued to my brow bone for half an hour, my life has truly changed.

OK, lets rewind a bit and slow things down. From my early teens, I have always known that the only way to achieve that ‘false lash look’ is to well go buy some false lashes. Sorry but even mascara isn’t going to give you that effect without your lashes looking like spiders or being completely uncomfortable. So when my beautician told me that I would be blown away with the power of a lash lift, I was dubious. But as the treatment was offered to me as a birthday treat I decided it could do no harm.

LVL stands for length-volume-lift and that is exactly what the lash lift does. The idea is that your beautician will use a setting serum to straighten your lashes at root in order to make them look curled. After this the lashes are tinted and you are given an eye bath (yup you’re going to bath you eyes). Sound scary yet? Don’t worry no part of the process is painful but it can get a little uncomfortable. But it is so worth it.

The whole process takes roughly half hour, which is basically half an hour for you to have a little nap if wanted, as your eyes have to be closed anyway. When you are finally allowed to open your eyes again you have completely transformed eyelashes (expect your beautician to take lots of photos). Honestly, the results have completely changed my life. The lift can last anything between 8-12 weeks depending on where you go so if you are somebody who is constantly buying new false lashes then this is certainly a money saving solution.

Just in case you’re wondering about truth behind the staying power, from what I can see, there are no false claims! I wash my face 2-3 times a day with either a cleanser or a general face wash. I don’t delicately rub my eyes until my mascara and eye shadow has all washed off, I full on scrub. In past when I have gotten lash extensions this has led them to full out within a couple of days. However, I had my lash lift done around two weeks ago and they still look exactly the same!

Words cannot even describe how good the lash lift is and neither can a picture! It is just one of those things that you have to try yourself. To put it simply, your lashes are bold, fluttery and just everything you would want from a false lash whilst still remaining natural. Oh and they’re also time saving wonders. For those early morning starts don’t worry about mascara as the lash lift has you covered!

This is the new beauty treatment that everyone in the industry is going crazy about and boy oh boy it is so worth it!


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