Urban Decay – Ultimate Basics – review

Urban Decay have only gone and done it again! What am I on about? The New Naked pallet of course!

Well now we’ve got the dramatic opening out of the way, lets continue. Early last month, Urban Decay sprung on us the announcement of their Naked Basics palette, a few snaps on Instagram and we were all hooked. I don’t know whether or not the plan was to keep it a surprise, but the next thing we knew it was up for sale. This obviously meant an unexpected purchase had to be made and yes it was a need not a want.

I have to admit; I genuinely questioned whether this product would be a bit of a dud. Every company has one right? Not everything in a range can be on point? Well apparently they can because once again this Naked palette has taken over my life.

Firstly, lets talk about the packaging, because it’s glorious. The rose gold, matte casing certainly sets the mark. I’d have to say it’s their best yet. Of course the word Naked coming out in 3D is going lure anyone in as well. When you open the case, you are given a gigantic mirror, so I wouldn’t advise opening it for the first time when you’ve just woken up, it may be a bit of a shock (only stating out of experience).

The palette itself consists of 12 shades; two base colours, four of the more pinky shade and seven deep plums and oranges leading up to a matte black. So there is certainly something for everyone in this pallet. Obviously, if you’re a fan of your glitters, then this might not be for you but that goes without saying.

img_20161016_162108As always, the pigmentation is outstanding and a little bit goes a long way. Quite often with matte shades they can be slightly difficult to blend in, however, don’t be surprised when I say that these blend like a beauty. Like most good products, the best way to achieve your desired look is to start with a little and built up. Due to the heavy pigmentation of these shades, you could end up looking like a hot mess if you’re not careful.

Now that we are well and truly into autumn, this is the perfect palette. Matte oranges and plums, what more could you want? Naturally, with the change in season, all of the brands are releasing their new products, which for some of us beauty lovers means decisions. We can’t always have everything we want. If you’re a lover of matte and like to wear a more orangey/burnt eye then I’d definitely go for this palette. Although it may be up there in price at £38.50, for 12 amazing shades, it’s definitely worth every penny. Look at it this way; each shade is only £3.20!

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