L’Oreal’s new highlight collection

It’s no secret anymore that the highlight phase is here to stay; it’s not going anywhere. I don’t know about you guys but I couldn’t imagine a world where highlight wasn’t apart of my daily routine. However, this doesn’t mean that during the winter months that I want full on highlight mixed with a bright red face from the cold, but a nice subtle glow can never go a miss. However, you can imagine my surprise when L’Oreal released a four-piece highlight collection during the switch into autumn. The collection hit the shelves around mid September, so I’ve had a good few weeks trying and testing them.

In the four-piece collection you are given the choice of two liquid highlighters and two powders, so the collection immediately hits all bases. Now I’ve already mentioned my surprise at the timing of the release but this is largely contributed by the shades of the products. You are given the option of a very golden shade and an icier one; warm or cool essentially. ‘Golden glow’ (the liquid and the powders have the same name as the shades are similar) immediately caught my eye, as it is very summery, glowy and everything I would of wanted in a highlight 2 months ago. Now ‘Icy Glow’ definitely sways towards the cooler months as it is certainly gives the feel of the Ice Queen. However, if white highlights are not your thing then this is probably not the shade for you.

IMG_20161002_195617.jpgSo lets start with the powders. If you were still planning to strobe during this time of year then I’d probably give these a miss. The pigmentation of both of the shades is very low. Unless you’re prepared to go in with 10 layers then you just won’t get that glam effect. But isn’t the more natural look what we want during winter? Potentially yes,but unfortunately, what you are left with is glitter running down your face, which isn’t a good look for anyone. I’m not saying that they are terrible but definitely not strobing material.

I had originally purchased ‘Icy Glow’ as I thought it would be a nice way to kick off my bake and boy was I right. Although it may not have the pigmentation I would like on my cheekbones, it certainly works for brightening up my face and any areas that need a bit of a pick-me-up. For a girl who loves a matte powder to gently finish off my makeup, this has changed my life and I will forever be using glowy products to finish everything off.

Now ‘Golden Glow’, I really wanted to love this shade. I wanted it to be my new highlight for winter but it’s just not working out. Although I said I don’t want a large amount of highlight, that doesn’t mean that I don’t want any. Subtle is what I am looking for but this just doesn’t do anything for me. Obviously, this is isn’t the shade I can use to set my entire face so it’s a bit of a let down. I am only getting use out of it by setting the liquid highlight into place, but in reality I could be using any other powder.

img_20161002_202141But as this is actually quite a nice collection I don’t want to go on about how much I dislike one shade (but hey that’s what I am here for). Lets rave about the liquid highlight for a moment. This product is amazingggg. As soon as you disperse some of the product from the tube you are immediately mesmerised. The metallic highlight is very similar to the Cover FX liquid highlighters when swatched. However, once applied and blended into the skin the pigmentation neutralises and you are left with such a lovely glow that it’s impossible not to love. It is one of those products that is perfect for both summer and winter. Depending on how you style the rest of your makeup, you can definitely make it work for both seasons. If liquid highlights are more your thing then I would certainly pick these up!

Now for a lover of all things convenient, I couldn’t finish up this blog post without mentioning the packaging. The liquid formula comes in a delicate tube that fits nicely into a makeup bag, ideal. The powders are tightly compact into a three-layer compartment; powder, mirror then brush. Immediately winning packaging for me, everything you need in one place. Although we all know that brush is never getting used, it’s a nice added extra.

So there are certainly a mixture of pros and cons to these products but overall they make a nice investment to the collection.

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