FleurDeForce – Eylure collection

If growing up in Essex taught me one thing, it was how to apply falsies by the age of 16. All be it, I was applying ones that made opening my eyes a struggle but still, I could apply them. Yes, this does mean that I am the girl who has to start getting ready a good hour before everyone else so I can then go around and stick everyone else’s on for them, but hey, that’s what girlfriends do.

IMG_20160826_112031 copyHowever, after learning that the big bold lash look didn’t quite look as good as I thought, I quickly gave up on the lash life (apart from on special occasions), as I couldn’t find any natural enough for a daytime look. This was until FleurDeForce released her lash line with Eylure. Her original ‘Fleur Loves’ ¾ lengths were absolutely stunning and extremely natural. The benefits to ¾ length lashes are that they are super easy to apply and your natural lashes blend with that of the falsies, creating an elegant but natural look.

Last week Fleur released her latest additions to the collection ‘Fully Fleur’ and ‘Petit Fleur’. ‘Fully Fleur’ are a full strip lash that are perfect for a big-night out, whereas, ‘Petit Fleur’ are her latest ¾ lengths. Between ‘Fleur Loves’ and ‘Petit Fleur’ it’s pretty difficult to pick a favourite. ‘Petit Fleur’ are slightly shorter but with more texture, making them almost undetectable. I definitely put this theory to the test as I was walking around work wearing them, expecting to be told to take them off, but no one noticed I was wearing them. So, I suppose that raises the question of, what’s the point in spending the money when they will go unnoticed? Well, unless you’re going big and bold, most people want a subtle look with their day-to-day makeup and these lashes simply give the appearance of a texturised lash making them perfect for the day.

‘Petit Fleur’ have completely changed my outlook on false lashes and they’ve only been out a week. They don’t require a lot of mascara in order to blend them with my natural lashes so they are extremely comfortable throughout the day. If you’re someone who wants a natural look but just an extra something on the eye then Fleur’s ¾ lengths are a must have!




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