Benefit’s ‘Cheekathon’ palette – A must have

Holla all benebabes and cheek addicts!

Ever wanted all of your favourite cheek powders in one place but don’t want to pay an absolute fortune to only get fobbed off with miniature sized product? Well Benefit may just be your new best friend (if they weren’t already).

Although the ‘Cheekathon’ palette may have been out for quite some time now, there doesn’t seem to be much hype about in the b/vlogging world as I would have expected. And I really can’t understand why. I know that it may be slightly inappropriate to write a post on such a cult product nearly four months after it’s released but with such perfect year-round shades, I think everyone should be raving about it! The palette consists of five of their top selling cheek powders and their famous powder brush, all in their full sizes. ‘Rockateur’, ‘Dallas’, ‘Hoola’, ‘Coralista’ and ‘Dandelion’ all make this potentially the most beautiful face palette to exist.

So, whilst I expected the palette to knock off a fair wack compared to if each powder was purchased alone, I was still expecting to pay a minimum of £60. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered the palette retails for £44.50. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the palette has a value price of over hundred pound, I don’t think you can get more of a bargain than that.

I know I sound like Benefits very own sales woman (may as well be on QVC) right now but this post is 100% not sponsored. I genuinely believe if you love any of the Benefit cheek powders then this palette is definitely worth the money!
I’m pretty sure I don’t need to do a review of this palette as each powder is one of their best sellers and don’t know anyone who hasn’t at least swatched/smelt ‘Hoola’.




Apart from the apparent weak brow game and my clear mock of a selfie (I believe I was annoying leo by being vain), my contour and blush are looking pretty strong thanks to ‘Cheekathon’.

3 thoughts on “Benefit’s ‘Cheekathon’ palette – A must have

      1. I know it’s amazing! I haven’t used anything else since getting it! It was perfect for my holiday! Thankyou! it’s taken me a while to get some sort of a theme going! means a lot! Of course I’ll give your blog a look! xx


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