Rosie for Autograph -lipgloss review

Okay, so you know when you discover a new brand and you don’t know what to buy and test first? You don’t want to spend a hefty amount of money on a brand you’ve never heard of, without knowing whether or not you actually like them. Just because the packaging sucked you into discovering the brand, doesn’t mean the products will be worth your money. After all, there are products from some of our favourite brands that we do not like but it is the impression of the first few products that we buy from them that make or break our decision to go back.

This is exactly how I felt when I finally came across a Rosie for Autograph stand in Marks and Spencers (a UK department store who are famous for their delicious food, for those of you who are like ‘huh’?). Of course, I had heard a little about this brand, purely down to the fact I follow Rosie on Instagram. When such a large department store partners with a very successful model, you would expect it to be extremely popular and for the press release to be crazy. However, other than a few pictures from Rosie herself, there isn’t much out there.


Now, I do want to take a moment to appreciate the packaging of this brand. Rose gold and shiny: the new and younger sister of Charlotte Tilbury. Those of us in the UK, know that M&S is designed for a slightly older generation and somewhere we go when we want comfortable bras and nice food. So understandably, this brand stands out! I truly adore this packaging, it is absolutely stunning and certainly feels luxurious!! Just spreading some positive vibes about this brand!

At £12.50 per lipgloss, I thought this was very expensive for a new brand. Her blusher’s sell for £20, which is defiantly up there in price. Now for most people, if you haven’t heard much around the brand or any of the products, you won’t want to spend a lot of money on your first purchase with them. This was why I was very confused at the price tag as it defiantly pushes the boundaries between drug-store and high-end. The lipglosses are only £2.50 away from the Urban Decay lipsticks, so it would defiantly be down to you to decide if it’s worth the money or not.

IMG_20160725_171755I guess you all want to know what I actually thought of the product. I thought the lipgloss was nice, but there was nothing spectacular about the product. It was very mediocre in my own opinion. The formulation was really nice, the gloss was very shiny, soft and did the job. However, the colour and pigmentation were just not there. Now I am assuming that the product was designed to be a sheer gloss that leaves a ‘your lips but better’ look. However, in my opinion, there is a difference between sheer and non-existent colour. I picked up three shades, a peachy nude at one end of the spectrum and berry red at the other; they looked almost identical when applied.

For everyday, I know a lot of people prefer the ‘your lips but better’ style, so owning one of these glosses would be suited for that, as the formulation is genuinely nice. However, for someone who wants pigmentation in their glosses and would buy a product based on the colour it claims to be, well this would be a disappointment. If you are someone who wants pigmentation in a sheer lip product then I would defiantly spend an extra £2.50 and pick up one of the Urban Decay lipsticks in their sheer formulation.

IMG_20160725_171944 copy

If the price range of this brand were slightly lower, I would be all over it and would try more of their products. When beauty vloggers create their own makeup brands, they always introduce their first products at a very low rate as it allows customers to buy more and make a decision on the brand. However, Rosie for Autograph has come in at mid-range price and has immediately restricted themselves. I appreciate that they have partnered with M&S and therefore the brand is probably aimed at a more mature customer who has slightly more money to spend. With this in mind however, this does make me question the general design of the brand.

Overall, I think this brand is one that you have to make the decision yourself on. I have no major problems with the products so far, they do a lovely job, in my personal opinion they are just very average and not something I would personally re-spend my money on. However, if you’re someone who enjoys a natural gloss and you just want an extra something then I’d defiantly check these out.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 17.58.50

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