Favourite highlighters for summer

Okay, so last years big trend was of course brows, this years – highlight. Just like brows, highlights are not new to the beauty realm. In fact, it’s just another glam tip that we have taken from the drag world (thank you drag queens). Highlighting has completely changed the way we think and apply makeup. Just a few years ago, we wanted our makeup to be a matte as possible, no glow, no shine, nutta! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure none of us here like the sweaty look, but we have learned to embrace our natural shine. Whether you like a natural glow or for your cheekbones to be seen from space, we all want that attention to our face.

This year, cosmetic brands have given us a range of different ways to achieve our desired glow; powers, liquids, creams, you name it. Thanks to this craze, no matter your budget, you can glow to your hearts content. Now we are in the height of summer (in the UK anyway), most of us beauty gurus don’t just want a subtle touch of glow, we want full on sparkle, agreed?

So I thought that I would share some of my personal favourites for this time of year. There is a mixture of subtle (well less extreme) and some not so much, however, they are all easy to wear during these hotter months when we don’t want too much on our faces.

Mac – ‘Soft and Gentle’


I think we all knew this would be making an appearance, yes? So, I may as well just get it out of the way. When it comes to highlight, most of us makeup addicts can agree, this is the best of the best. Need I say more?

Jouer – ‘Champagne’

IMG_20160722_112215A more ‘natural’ look to the previous, however, just as stunning. This cream highlight, is perfect for achieving that dewy, flawless complexion. If you have a tan, this golden highlight, will turn you into a goddess with the sun beaming on your face. With one application you can create a nice subtle glow, however, it is perfectly buildable to create a more glamorous look. I have this beauty as apart of their mermaid palette (which deserves a mention in it’s own right), however, this shade is apart of their permanent collection so can be purchased individually.

Urban Decay – ‘Sin’

Currently wearing Sin

Oh hey gurllll. This whole collection received an awful amount of attention just a few months back and without good reason. (I still don’t know why I didn’t do a blog on the collection as there’s not a single product I didn’t enjoy but hey it’s getting some loving now) This product has become my favourite day-to-day highlight. I mean, it’s extremely pigmented and well, visible, but hey, girl likes her highlight. If you do want a natural complexion with a bright highlight then this won’t make you look uneven in the slightest, however, it is also perfect for an evening look. The best of both worlds!

I think I could turn this into my very own highlights dictionary so I will round it up with this one last summer favorite

Urban Decay – ‘Bathwater’IMG_20160722_173437 copy

Sooooo, yeah this is an eye-shadow… This little number can be found in Gwen Stephani’s palette and we all know how much I love that one. Despite absolutely adoring this shade, it doesn’t sit right on eyes, as it is too light. However, as most beauty addicts, I like to find multi purposes for my makeup and hey presto it’s now a highlighter. As with all Urban Decay eye-shadows, it is extremely pigmented, making it one of the most glamorous highlighters I own.

When it comes to highlight, I personally much prefer high-end as it feels that little more luxurious. However, in the drug-store Sleek have got their highlights spot on and I highly recommend giving those a try if you are on a budget!!

I apologise for producing the longest blog post ever, it appears I can talk about highlight for hours.

Jouer ‘Mermaid’ palette review here

Urban Decay palette review here 

4 thoughts on “Favourite highlighters for summer

  1. Lovely post 😍🤗!
    I enjoyed reading ur post cos I could so relate using the UrbanDecay Sin eyeshadow as a highlighter .. You might also like the Stila eyeshadow in Kitten..

    The Mac mineralise skin finish in soft and gentle is such a pretty champagne pink highlighter that I love , however it immediately reminded me of “Global Glow” from their Mineralise skin finish range…. You could check these out if you like in my recent post on strobing Hun!


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