The Happiness Planner


If you’re a bit of a control freak and you enjoy all things cute, inspirational and motivating, then this blog post may just appeal to you.

Okay, so I’ve never hidden on my blog that I can be slightly obsessive when it comes to organisation and planning. Yes, I’m that loser that arrives an hour early and stands around looking like a plonker. So naturally, I always carry some form of a planner/diary around with me: I note down what I’m doing every minute of everyday, who I’m seeing, where I’m going etc… If I ever do decide to do something sporadically (who am I kidding) I always make a note of it.

Now most planners and diaries (as you get older anyway) aren’t the prettiest and they’re extremely formal. Great right? Well not so much when you want everything in your life to be suitable for an Insta pic. But look no further, because a nice little company named The Happiness Planner created this amazing product called The Happiness Planner; cute right? (Repetition intended)


IMG_20160716_175636You can get many different versions of this product depending on your own requirements. If you need an academic period (like myself) then you can grab July through June. If you need a annual diary then you can grab January through December. Get my drift? Oh, you can also get your hands on pencils and print outs: this is stationary galore.

So how is a planner that looks pretty and provides inspirational quotes, practical for business you ask? Unlike most planners, it allows those of us who are slightly more compulsive, to have everything we need to know about our day on one page.


So for everyday, these are the sections that you are given to fill out

  • Today I’m excited about
  • Exercises
  • Main focus
  • Meals
  • Schedule
  • To-do’s
  • Notes
  • Good things about today
  • What I hope for tomorrow

 So some practical sections and some inspirational and motivating: best of three aye? Oh, and did I mention that you get a little quote at the top of the page and who said it? I know a planner isn’t exactly going to cheer you up if you’re having a bad day but it will at least perk your spirits slightly. The planner also allows you to assess each month and year so you can look back and see all the good things that happened! It’s almost a memory book of it’s own.

IMG_20160716_175716.jpgNow yes, this is a little pricey, ranging between £20 and £40. But it is worth every penny! If you’re a little bit younger and want this for school then this is the perfect birthday or even Christmas present! (holla if you’re already starting to think about Christmas!) I personally have been using this for my blog but I also plan on using if for university. It’s has been a great place to write down all of my thoughts and opinions of products whilst I’m reviewing them and I’ve also been able to keep a track of my daily schedule!

Love, love, love, is all I have to say about this brand! Oh, and you get your hands on this baby in most countries! Shop it here

I’ve recently done a blog post on how to be happy with your blog where I mention organisation and planning using this diary! Check it out here

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