Estee Edit – Skin Glowing Balm and illuminator

Oh Estee Edit what have you done to me? Sometimes when you buy products, you don’t immediately fall in love with them. That’s true both high-end and drug store, the only difference being that you almost force yourself to love a high-end product because you spent a hefty amount of money.


Since the launch of Estee Edit, there were two products that I knew I had to try: the Skin Glowing Balm and the Illuminator. So, after wandering around Selfridges (and by wandering I mean, heading straight towards the glorious beauty floor) and having a chat with a lovely lady at the counter, I made the expensive purchase. It was explained to me that Estee Edit is the younger version of Estee Lauder. With this in mind, you would expect the price range to be slightly lower as it is created to attract a younger audience. Whilst the price tag isn’t catastrophic, it’s certainly not cheap.

That being said, these are two stunning products. It is suggested that the pair were designed to go with on another in order to create a natural, dewy complexion. Depending on how it is applied, this can be very true. If you’re not one for low coverage then this won’t be for you! The entire brand is designed to be extremely natural, whilst only enhancing your natural features. Hence the name of ‘balm’ rather than ‘foundation’. Considering the brand (I still can’t decide whether it’s a brand or range but imma go for brand) is endorsed by the one and only Kendall Jenner, it’s not hard to understand why it’s super natural.

On the first application, I mixed the two together and applied with a damp Beauty Blender. To say the least, I wasn’t all that impressed. Although I did get that natural, dewy look, it was inconsistent and clung to dry skin. Considering I have fairly neutral skin (in the sense it’s not overly dry nor oily) I was pretty surprised to find just how much it stuck to my dry areas. However, when I applied them separately with a foundation brush, I couldn’t have been happier with my base. In fact, I’d go as far to say it’s my favourite look.

Excuse my super bad brows, it’s the end of the day and I badly need to get them done! But look how dewy my skin looks and I’ve had my makeup on all day!

After trying and testing different ways to apply the products, I have come to the conclusion that it is the Illuminator that clings to dry skin. So whilst it is unquestionably the most stunning highlight, if you have dry or even combination skin, it may be worth looking elsewhere! Another thing to remember when applying the Illuminator is that it doesn’t apply well on top of powder. If you decide to bake your concealer, applying the Illuminator on top is a big no no! As to the Skin Balm, it is best applied with a dry foundation brush or with your hands as it leaves a flawless, natural complexion. However, when it is applied damp, it is inconsistent and patchy.

If you have the patience to test and try these products to find a way that best suits you then I would defiantly give it a go! I believe the Balm is suitable for every skin tone as it is so light and natural it could almost be a moisturiser, whereas the Illuminator is slightly restricted. Although a lot of people enjoy applying the pair together, I have found that it looks nicer on myself to apply them separately. If you do have dry skin and do want the Illuminator in your life, it can be applied to the rest of your body so don’t avoid it based on one review!!!

Shop the collection here 

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