How to be happy with your blog


No matter how successful your blog, there will always come a point where you are disappointed and unhappy with it. Whether it is with a post, theme or stats, it very unlikely that you will be continuously pleased. At the end of the day we all have personal goals and expectations of ourselves.

This dissatisfaction is extremely common in new bloggers as it can take a long time to build a reputation. In the digital information age that we live in, everyone has an online presence, making the chances of being noticed that little bit harder. So whether you blog for a hobby or for genuine career prospects, it can sometimes be difficult to stay motivated.

So here are a few little ways to help you stay happy with your blog

Not every post you do will be perfect

This is probably one of the most important things that I have to remind myself. Whether it is your own criticism or your readers, it is important to remember that some posts will be better than others. Whether it is the quality of the writing, the photography or even the topic, not every post will be at the same level. This doesn’t mean that you have a poor blog; in fact it just makes you human. It is important to remember at this stage that your biggest critic is yourself. Just because you may see one of your posts as weak, doesn’t mean  that your readers do.

It isn’t all about statistics

Lets be honest, we are all guilty of staring at our blog stats day-after-day for hours on end. News flash, this isn’t going to increase your traffic. Most bloggers loose motivation when they don’t see any improvement in their statistics. Of course, the more traffic you have, the more successful your blog. But this isn’t the most important thing, especially if you only blog for a hobby on the odd occasion. In order to gain a large sum of followers, you need to be consistent in uploading. With the realities of life, this isn’t always possible. So don’t be too hard on yourself! Unless you have or at least are trying to get a career in blogging, then the chances are you are not going to upload on the same day every week.

It takes time!!

You know that saying “it doesn’t happen overnight”? Yeah, well it’s true. A successful blog isn’t going to happen as soon as you start, in fact it might not happen in a year. Let’s be honest, when you first start blogging, no matter what your intentions, there are always other priorities. When I first started blogging, I was adapting to university and moving away from home, which meant that some months, I would only upload once or not at all. When you fully dedicate your time and effort into your blog, you will begin to see improvements but it will be a slow process. So don’t be disheartened if you’ve had your blog for a few months and it’s not going anywhere, it will, you just need to remain focused and motivated.

Plan, plan, plan!

I know I can be a bit of a control freak, unless I know what I’m doing and when I’m doing it, I tend to go into meltdown. This doesn’t mean that you have to have calendar marking out all of your posts. It does mean however, that you should have a rough idea of what you want to upload and when. If it comes to upload day and you have zero idea what you want to write about, then chances of you uploading are slim to none. By planning, it also means that you may be able to pre-write the post before you wish to upload in order to make it the best you possibly can. Planning just makes everything a hell of a lot easier.


This is just a general life lesson that you probably don’t want to hear. Of course, we all love browsing through successful bloggers profiles. It was probably the influence of other bloggers that made ourselves want to blog. But this doesn’t mean we should compare our own to theirs. If they have been doing it for longer, the chances are their blog will be better than yours. Of course this isn’t always true but as a rule of thumb. No matter how basic your blog, you’ve probably put a lot of effort into it and this is important to remember when you envy someone else’s.


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