The perfect nude lipstick – drugstore style

Okay so the past week kinda flew by! Well I guess now it’s time for part two of the nude series. Remember – keep it clean. I won’t bore you with another long introduction so lets get straight into it!

 Nude favourites from the drugstore

 Revlon – Ultra HD matte lipcolour ‘Devotion’

 IMG_20160701_195309This entire range has been the talk of the drugstore over the past few months. Everyone wanted to get their hands on one of these lip-glosses. Not only am I absolutely in love with the range and its clique packaging; but this colour, oh my, its stunnnning. Whilst this product may have all of the elements of a gloss, it fulfils its matte title as it leaves a creamy, matte finish. The shade is in-between a pink and nude so that it simply lifts the face, making everything that little more pretty.

Soap and Glory – Sexy mother pucker ‘Charm offensive’

IMG_20160701_195446Who would of thought that this product would be around, available and a favourite almost four years after it’s release (if not longer)? I genuinely received this beauty as part of a Christmas present four years ago. I dread to think how many I have had since. Whether I wear this alone or on top of a lipstick, it never lets down. The formulation plumps my lips and the shade gives of a seductive vibe. What more could you want?

L’Oreal – Colour Riche extraordinaire ‘Nude Vibrato’

IMG_20160701_195649Well if you can ever get past the name, you will probably grow to love this shade. So we all know that this is a major dupe for a certain YSL product and when I say dupe I mean virtually identical (AKA a certain Rouge pur couture product)? Regardless of that, this genuinely a lovely product. It claims to have the elements of both a lipstick and lip-gloss, supposedly making it the perfect product. This is most defiantly a to throw on if you need to get out of the house quickly and it wont let you down throughout the day.

L’Oreal – Colour Riche ‘Eva’s nude’

IMG_20160701_195831Okay, I really like L’Oreal, that’s no secret, but honestly these products are really good. With the recent hype over the Colour Riche pink range, the nude collection was almost forgotten about. Well not over here. Whilst I absolutely adore ‘Eva’s Pink’, I also love her nude. It’s not pink and it’s not brown; it’s just your basic nude. I know that sounds boring, but it is actually so hard to get your hands on a basic nude nowadays (please recommend some, and only clean ones). I love my pinky nudes, but some days, I just want plain and simple and that’s exactly what this shade offers.
(sorry that you cannot see the colour of this shade, but I have destroyed the product so much that I cannot bring myself to upload the picture)

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