Long distance travel essentials


Long distance travelling can be a very traumatic experience for a lot of people. Whether it be by car, train or plane travelling from A to B isn’t always pleasant. Due to choosing a university 300 miles away from home, I have become way too familiar with this feeling. A six plus hour car or train journey, with a massive suitcase is far from what I would call fun. The thought of the journey leaves me in shacks of nerves days before, which is probably why I don’t come home as often as I should.

A few days before I attack the journey, I always put together a small collection of essentials that can fit into my handbag in order to help me get through the trip. If I were to be getting on a plane I would pack some more exciting things as I actually like flying (more of that in a few weeks when I head to Corfu!)

Although my list of ‘essentials’ is probably the most boring list in the world, these products really help when I’m stuck in the back of the car or on a train with someone else’s shoulder pushed up against mine for eight hours. In my personal opinion there is nothing worse than feeling clammy and dirty but for some reason that is exactly what the universe gives us when we are stuck in confined spaces for hours on end.

The essentials


Anti- bacterial
Hand cream
Roll deodorant
Chewing gum

IMG_20160630_120434Boring aye? Well believe it or not, this little list has saved my life. Half way along the motorway with no service station in sight or on the train and your stop isn’t for another 5 hours, there is nothing better than a quick refreshment to make you feel alive again. Whilst this list is pretty self explanatory, I know some will raise an eyebrow or two at the roll on deodorant. I know a lot of people much prefer spray to roll on, whether it is because of sanitation or just general preference. I too will use a spray on the day-to-day. However, there is nothing worse than being stuck on transportation and someone decides to suffocate you with their sprits and sprays. For one, not everyone will enjoy the smell and two it is just genuinely irritating. However, if you have mastered the trick of spraying underneath your clothing without soaking your armpit, then hey, do your thing.

Of course, I will always have my day-to-day essentials that basically live in my handbag, such as lipstick and powder. However, it doesn’t exactly take a genius to figure out the fact I have lipstick in my bag.

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