The perfect nude lipstick – luxury style

It’s time to talk nudes! Keep your minds clean please because today we are talking purely lipstick. Lets be honest, if your mind took you some place else, you’ve definitely clicked on the wrong webpage.

Do you ever pick a new shade of nude lipstick and receive the response “don’t you already have that colour?” This probably makes you want to slap the b**ch because it’s completely different to any other lipstick you own. Nude lipsticks come in so many different shades; pink, brown, mauve, you name it. They are all different and everyone likes different ones. So as part of a two-part series, I thought I would discuss some of my personal nude favourites.

Chanel – ‘Escapade’


Well as you can see by the picture, this is a much loved lippy. This is the perfect daytime colour whilst still stunning and deluxe. This is Chanel; so it’s hardly a surprise that it’s a favourite! Sadly, you can no longer get your hands on this shade, however, ‘Adrienne’ in their Rouge Coco range is very similar in colour and is just as flattering. Both of these shades are creamy, shiny and nourishing with a surprising lasting power.

Nars – ‘Tolede’


As part of their Satin lips collection, it’s no surprise that this nude is a cult favourite for a lot of people. The lipstick is advertised to give a smooth and comfortable wear with a silky colour. How true this is! This shade is glamorous and sophisticated with all the elements for a daytime look. However, it is perfectly wearable for an evening with the girls.

Charlotte Tilbury – ‘Miss Kensington’


I’m sure you have all heard of this beauty by now, yes? This bad boy was part of the Norman Parkinson collection and it’s perfect. It’s defiantly more of a flat nude in the sense that it is neither shiny nor matte but that doesn’t make it any less glamorous. From the moment this is applied you some how feel ready for the day and confident without looking like you have tried too hard. In my opinion, this is exactly how a daytime nude should look and feel. Whilst this lipstick may not be accessible via the Charlotte Tilbury website or department stores, you can still find it lurking around on EBay and Amazon!

Urban Decay – ‘Naked’

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 23.29.54

Despite this little baby only being released a few weeks back, it is certainly a must have nude! From the moment I tried this shade I just fell in love. With it’s creamy formula, this shade is the perfect ‘your lips but better’ for a summer afternoon. I have recently done an entire blog post discussing all of the formulas so get check it out here!

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