How to wear all black this summer

It is no lie that a good handful of us ladies like to wear all black outfits. Why? Not only are they flattering and give the appearance of a slimmer physique but it is a major comfort zone. All black with a splash of grey or white or “monochrome” as they like to call it in the fashion world is by far a favourite as its very hard to ruin. This isn’t to say everyone should stick to the basics, gurl if you can rock a brightly coloured outfit and feel damn good about yourself in the process then you go for it! However, if you’re the type who tries to put colour into your outfits and immediately feels conscious or simply looks like a masterpiece of a four year old, well I feel you.

I am by far no fashion guru and I’m not going to pretend to know what I’m talking about. I spend most of my day in pyjamas and a dressing gown but every now and then I do have to leave the house in a respectable manor. I will rummage for what feels like hours trying to find an outfit, only to throw on the same three or four outfits I wear every week. In winter this is relatively easy, a pair of black leggings or occasionally a pair of jeans and one of my many jumpers (I live in England, my jumper collection is rather extensive). However, in summer it’s hard, like, really hard.

So how can you wear all black in the summer months without boiling to death? Well when the sun does decide to show itself and the rain decides to disappear, there are a few ways that I like to wear all black that allow my skin to breathe.

Skirt and top 


Who doesn’t love a good skirt and top combo? Even better, a backless top to make yourself look even more ready to soak up the sun. I opted for a short leather skirt and backless belted top. Similarly, a nice pair of shorts/skort and top will look stunning and easily convertible into evening attire.

A black dress 



I mean, what better than black and white photos for this post. I also appreciate that these are probably the most pointless photos. However, this is a very simple satin black dress with a drop back. Not very exciting but gorgeously effortless and perfect for summer! (ps. I have had this dress for years but it’s still a favourite! stalk my social media far enough and I’m sure you’ll find it)

Jeans and a leather jacket



Almost every british girls favourite outfit! A black pair of jeans and top with a leather jacket! You really can’t go wrong with this outfit. After all, it’s not hot and sunny everyday during summer over here in the UK and sometimes we have to cover up. However, add a pair of flips and you immediately look ready for summer!

(I really need a trip to the hairdressers)

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