Urban Decay’s Vice lipsticks

If you are a complete lipstick junkie, then Urban Decay has probably been your entire life this past week (month). Am I right or am I right? Even if you haven’t managed to get your hands on one of the shiny new bullets, you’ve probably stalked Instagram and Youtube awaiting a review (just me? Oh).

On the 9th June, Urban Decay finally released their entire new lipstick range ‘Vice’. The company discontinued all of their original lipsticks and replaced them with this new line. Do not fear, you can more than likely still get your hands on your favourites as they have simply re-formulated and re-packaged a lot of the previous shades. However, there are still a handful of exciting new ones for you to try. The line consists of 100 shades under six different formulas, at a retail price of £15. So unless you have £1,500 to spend on an entire range of lipstick (anyone?) the chances are you are only going to own a few. As with most collections from Urban Decay, there is a lipstick for everyone. From the wild and courageous who love to walk around in green lipstick to the simple ‘your lips but better’ type.

The line is sectioned under the different formulas on the Urban Decay website, this way there is no confusion over what you are buying. It is almost as if each formula is a range of it’s own. The six different formulas are; Cream, Sheer, Sheer shimmer, Metallized, Comfort matte and Mega matte. So it certainly cannot be said that this is a limited range!

IMG_20160617_151721.jpgAnd who better to be the face of the line than the perfection that is Ruby Rose. In all of the press release photographs she is seen wearing ‘714’ in Mega matte, so the chance of that shade lasting long is very unlikely! However, as I was basically hooked to the official countdown 48hours prior to the release, I did manage to pick it up! I have to admit when I first did a swatch of this shade I wasn’t too impressed. It didn’t glide onto my hand in a consistent manor and the pigmentation wasn’t as intense as I would have liked. However, once applied to my lips, it was a very different story. To my very surprise, it was extremely creamy and smooth whilst still living up to it’s ‘mega matte’ formula. Of course with any matte red, it was not the easiest to apply and not the most comfortable as the day goes on, so probably not one for your morning routine but certainly for an evening! Its pigmentation is to die for and I can certainly see why it is the most endorsed shade out of the collection. I am all over this red!!

IMG_20160616_113556.jpgWhilst I didn’t purchase a Sheer shimmer, I did pick up one shade of each other formula (mostly nudes of course). As all of the shades purchased were nude other than 714, I will try to sum the formulations up in short (otherwise this will be the longest blog post ever). Out of all of the shades and formulas tried and tested, ‘Rejected’ in Metallized is by far my favourite. It’s a type of ‘your lips but better’ with added glam (yup I’m going for that). Unlike metallized eye shadows that give the appearance of foil on the skin, this formulation of lipstick is radiant and creamy with a layer of defence in the form of sparkle.

I also picked up, Backtalk in Comfort matte, Naked in Cream and Wrong number in Sheer. All of these are beautiful and astonishing and I have found difficultly faulting them. They are all highly pigmented; considering I picked up a handful of nude shades I wasn’t expecting the colour payoff I received. The lasting power is pretty dam good; could be better, could be worse. For a mid priced product, I don’t think I can fault it for not lasting while I scoff my face with chocolate all night. If I owned all 100 shades, I’m sure there would be a few that could be faulted. However, although I may have picked up one red and four nudes, I think this range is defiantly worth looking into.

20160617_152859.jpg(left to right – 714, Rejected, Naked, Wrong number, Backtalk)

Shop the collection on Urban Decay here 

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