Asos and Topshop summer wish list

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As soon as you promote yourself as a ‘Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger’, everyone automatically assumes that you are either constantly online shopping or companies are continuously sending you products. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is, when there’s someone at the door for me, it’s usually the Asda delivery guy. We can’t all be Zoella! 

Being a student is financially difficult and I think people under-estimate this (I won’t bore you with my opinions on students loans and my crushing overdraft). With this in mind, it does make it difficult to re-new my wardrobe every season as I would like – sucks. I constantly find myself browsing through Asos, creating a basket worth £100 and closing the tab with a sorrowed heart. No post for me.  However, with my holiday to Corfu approaching, there are a number of items that I am saving for and hopefully they will be making an appearance in my wardrobe with a little help from my dearest friend Unidays. 

Shop the list:

Night Embellished mesh split front Cami

Noisy May tall leather look shorts 

AX Paris Zip Front Dip Back Vest

AX Paris Shorts with Crochet Lace Insert

Royal Ankle-Tie high sandals 

Crochet Details Sundress

Drape shift dress

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