L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion foundation

Compact foundation is almost a ‘tale as old as time’ product. There is nothing new about it in the beauty world, so why all the hype now? Hello Flawless by Benefit could almost be seen as the first deluxe foundation that young teenagers used to buy (well when I was in school anyway!). The beauty realm has developed in ways that are unimaginable, especially that of foundations. With BB creams and CC creams, alongside hundreds of newfound oils that allow the foundation to suit different skin types, it would be foolish for brands to not resurrect and revitalise an old loved product.

The traditional compact foundation usually consists of a powder to cream formula, as it is easy to maintain in small packaging. However, this could be quite dry and flat on the face, therefore begging for an improvement. Once again, the beauty realm has delivered and has graced the world with the new and improved compact foundation, the cushion. With the release of Lancôme’s Miracle cushion fluid foundation, in a matter of months this new concept has taken over the makeup industry.

IMG_20160517_143530For those of you beauty fanatics living in the UK, regardless of if you’re on a budget or not, you’ve probably been dying to get your hands on L’Oreal’s latest addition to the Lumi True Match range, the Nude Magique cushion foundation. If you haven’t, or at least, haven’t even wondered what it’s all about, are you truly a makeup addict!? After months of seeing L’Oreal advertise their cushion on social media and seeing endless American beauty bloggers go crazy after it, the jealously really begun to sink deep. The temptation to spend a ridiculous amount on shipping just to get this shiny new product in our hands was real. But the wait is over; L’Oreal’s cushion range is finally in UK drugstores! Priced at £9.99 in Boots, it is way up in there in price for drugstore, but as it’s L’Oreal, we couldn’t expect much different! So the real question, is it worth the hype? My personal answer, yes it is!

In both Boots and Superdrug, the range offers seven different colour choices, which is quite generous for the drugstore. However, as with everything, there are limitations to this. The range appears to have a limited amount of dark shades. However, in the states there are up to twelve different shades for every skin tone so hopefully more will be released over here in the UK soon!

The product is designed to give you a ‘dewy glow’ with a light natural coverage. With its micro-aerated technology, the product allows a small amount of air to circulate in order to keep it fresh and natural when applied to skin. My-oh-my doesn’t this work, the wonders of science! Alongside this, the cushion evenly releases a generous amount of product, allowing for flawless results. If applied the way recommended, this product works wonders. By tapping the supplied applicator onto your skin, you will truly get the full advantages of this product!

received_10209515561869115Severe glow warning here!! If you love your foundation to be as matte as possible, or you just genuinely don’t like too much glow on your face then this product is not for you! Now, I may be crucified for even suggesting this, but I believe that this product takes over NARS Sheer Glow, in the ‘glow’ department. Yes, I said it, I’m sorry. Now this can sound quite scary, but as the foundation is so light on the skin (whilst still covering any imperfections), it allows the face to look healthy and luminous rather than shinny and sweaty. Partner this foundation with some highlight and no one will be able to keep their eyes off of you! As a lover of extreme glows and highlights myself, this product gains massive thumbs up from me! Oh and did I mention it has an SPF of 29!? Okay, I must admit, this is an odd number for an SPF, why not 25 or 30!? Regardless, this relatively high SPF makes the product perfect for summer and a must in your suitcases this year!

received_10209515579749562However, it does not end there! To much of our surprise over here in the UK, L’Oreal also released a matching bronzer to the collection and yes it’s a cushion. Now this product is ridiculously scary for anyone who is a little on the pale side. Not only is it in a liquid form, but also it appears far from natural when picked up on the applicator, raising many questions such as ‘how do I apply this without making a mess of my face!?’ But to my delight, this is potentially one of the best drugstore bronzers that I have come across. This is no bronzer for contouring so do not even try! However, to add some colour to your face, it is perfect if applied in small amounts. The technology behind the cushion, will only allow you to pick up a moderate amount of product that should cover the majority of the face. This bronzer glides perfectly onto the skin and blends like a beauty! Once set with either translucent powder or powdered bronzer, this product does not move!
All in all, these products are a perfect addition to the Lumi True Match range and should have come sooner!!

10 thoughts on “L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion foundation

      1. I feel a bit conned by ‘sheer glow’ in a way. It doesn’t glow at all (sigh). Being at that price range made sheer glow a regret purchase. Any ways, I am so happy with lumi cushion. So glad to find something that works.


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