Gwen Stefani palette review

When I think of Gwen Stefani, I immediately want to revisit my childhood. I want to burst into song about bananas and the sweet escape. So when it was announced that she was collaborating with Urban Decay I was by no means shocked. I thought the palette would be vibrant and consist of colours that most people would never wear but owned for the pure pleasure of looking at it in their collection. But when I opened it up and saw the gorgeous, everyday neutral colours, I was both shocked and so thrilled!

I think the packaging on its own, deserves an award. The gold metallic casing is everything you would expect from her. It stands out, its bold but it kind of makes you want to cuddle it. Its glamorous look sits perfectly on a makeup counter and compliments almost everything around it.

2016-01-17 19.31.01

When you open the palette, you are mesmerised by the glory that is inside. I think I genuinely stared at it for about an hour. The mix of matte and glitter shades that are inside are perfect for anyone. I don’t think there is a palette out there that is so perfect for an everyday look. I know that for some people wearing shimmer shades in the day can be quite daunting. However, the first two rows in the palette can be worn for a day-to-day look without looking like you have tried too hard.

Ill admit the colours ‘Harajuku’ ‘danger’ and ‘1987’, may not be for everyone. They are defiantly for more confident people who are comfortable wearing colour. But very wearable for an evening look to spice things up a little.

2016-01-17 19.31.30

I think my only problem with this palette is that some go the shimmer shades are not shimmery enough for me. I love shimmer and glitter on my eyes, I always have. However, when they are wet it’s like I’ve just stared into a crystal. So this palette is defiantly plausible for both day time and night time depending on what look you want to go for!

Application and lasting power

These silky soft shades are the easiest to apply. They glide onto the skin with perfect ease and are very blendable. You can either build these shades to enhance their boldness or you can leave them at a natural level which flatter the skin perfectly. But do they last? I have been wearing this palette on a daily basis, running errands, going to uni and work. Whilst the pigmentation of the shadows do eventually start to fade after around 10 hours, they defiantly hold up throughout the day. With the right primer, these shadows could easily be worn day and night with no problems.

Once again Urban Decay have not let down with their eyeshadows!!

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