2015 beauty favourites and how the drugstore upped it’s game

2015 was a massive roller coaster to say the least, but in terms of beauty it was a winning year. The drug-store upped it’s game and released some amazing dupes. Brands such as Collection and Bourjois, completely changed their target audience. They stopped aiming their products at young teenage girls and started aiming them at everyday women. Whilst there are still a lot of staple products from high-end brands, the drugstore have seriously raised the competition.  Whilst not all of my favourites from 2015 are drugstore, most of them are and even if they not, there are still plenty of dupes out there!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel foundation

For me personally, there has been no competition in foundation. This serum is remarkable. It gives a flawless coverage and glides on the skin perfectly. Throughout the year, my skin has gone through good and bad phases and this foundation has worked regardless! It prices around £10 and a lot of the time Bourjois offer 3for2. I pick this foundation over any others that I have and use it both day and night!

L’Oreal True Match concealer

This was an unexpected love me. Obviously it is partnered with the True Match foundation and I personally absolutely hate that foundation. It doesn’t work for me, it doesn’t sit right on my skin and melts off within an hour or so. So I expected to be disappointed with this concealer, how wrong was I. Perfect for under the eye and on highlight zones. Being a student, I don’t tend to have much time to get ready and I wake up looking like I have been dragged through hell most of the time. But concealer immediately makes me look more awake and it doesn’t crease or crack under the eye!  It costs around £7 and is totally worth it.

Soap and Glory Archery

Brows completely took over the makeup industry in 2015. It may as well have been called ‘The year of the brows’. Threading, waxing, HD, 3D… Like WHAT HAPPENED. Every brand released new brow products and I have to say I tried a fair whack. There has only been one staple product for me and that is Archery. It’s amazing, it truly is! Now I don’t use it on it’s own, I do use multiple products on my brows. However, this is always my base no matter where or what I’m doing! It comes in at £10 and is perfect for natural, full looking brows.

Maybelline Lash Sensational

I FOUND A NEW MASCARA! As I have said countless times on my blog, I am super fussy with mascara. For years I have only ever used L’oreal’s Telescopic, obviously it is still very loved but I have also fallen for hype of Maybelline mascaras! It gives full length lashes with great definition and boldness. It costs around £8 and I am so happy I have found it!!

Narsissit cheek palette

Now it would be impossible for me to sit here and talk about every blush, bronze and highlight that I loved in 2015 as I am such a cheek girl and there has been so many. But when Nars released their cheek palette, the game changed. I love Nars products so this was a happy moment for me! As I am constantly travelling back and fourth, with just a suitcase to work with, I have to have compact stuff that is travel friendly. That is exactly what this palette is. I have done a full review on it previously! It prices at around £30-£35.

Collection , recently released their own cheek palette which is truly amazing, It costs around £4 and is the best thing ever. It was only released about 2 months ago and I have used it every day! FleurdeForce has also raved about this product! 100% the best cheek palette in the drugstore and beats most high-end!!

L’Oreal Infallible Mega Glosses

Lipstick has been my life for many years now. I used to have a bit of a problem with glosses as they reminded me of school and them being sticky and gross. So despite owning plenty of lip glosses, I have always worn lipstick or lip stains. However, when these beauties were released I fell in love! I most certainly love the matte range, as they are creamy and absolutely gorgeous. There are so many different shades swell, so there will always be one to suit you. They last really well and they don’t have that sticky feeling that leaves your lips feeling vile! They price at £7 per gloss.


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