Pamper yourself

When you’re feeling low and far from yourself, a little pamper evening can do no harm. Over the past two weeks I have been really ill and had to leave university early. Since being home I have had a number of pamper nights in order to pick myself up a little. I thought it would be a good idea to share with you guys some of my top tips, to really relax and indulge yourself.

1. Light some candles

During the winter months and especially in December, there is nothing better than lighting a few candles. When I’m having a pamper evening, I personally like to light up some spa candles as they just enhance the relaxation in the room. My personal favourites are the Sensuality range.

2. Run a bath 

Laying in a nice hot bath for half an hour when you’re feeling under the weather is truly the best feeling in the world. I am probably bias as I don’t have a bath at university so I get a little excited at the thought of a bath. Dropping in a bath bomb (99% of the time from lush), and adding some more bubble bath, really indulges the water and turns it into the most luxurious experience.

3. Apply a face mask 

While waiting for the bath to run, apply a face mask. If you’re not a common user of a face mask but like to treat yourself every once in a while, you can grab a mask from your local super market for around £1. I have used these kind of masks many times and they’re pretty dam good! However, if you like to indulge yourself, the Dermalogica Skin Refining Masque is truly remarkable.

4. Turn on some music 

This part is personal preference. The idea of playing dance music whilst trying to relax doesn’t quite work for me. But if it works for you then by all means go ahead! I tend to play 1975 or something along that genre in order to relax!

5. Turn out the lights and jump in and relax

Read a book, close your eyes, do whatever you like. This is half hour or so where you can do absolutely nothing except take in all the senses the bath is offering. Let the steam from the hot water sink into your skin. Above all, relax.




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