“Where’s all your money gone? It’s on my face!” -Part 2, Drugstore!

Hey again guys! 
I’m back with part two of the haul! This contains majority of the products that I have picked up from the drugstore in the past few weeks.

bourjois – Healthy mix foundation 


I know that this isn’t a brand new product but I thought I would give it a try. Ever since I purchased this, I have used it literally every single day! It’s brilliant for day to day. It’s got a medium coverage and is really lightweight on the skin! love it.

Maybelline – Browdrama sculpting brow mascara 


Okay so brow gel/mascara is essential for me. Due to my parents mix of origins, I have dreadful eyebrows :’). I have to constantly be on top of maintaining them; otherwise it’s just not good. This is quite a new product from Maybelline. Usually I pick clear brow gel/ mascara but this time I thought I would give colour a go! Now, I personally would not wear this on it’s own, I use it as a top layer to hold everything in place. However, due to the colour in this product, if you like really natural eyebrows and all you need to do is add slight definition, then this product can be used for that, which is quite nice as it is easy if you are in a rush. However, if you need to do more work to your eyebrows in the morning, like myself then this is also good for applying as a top layer.

Maybelline – Lash Sensational mascara 


Lash sensational is one of Maybellines notorious products. So when I saw that they had released a new version, I had to pick it up. This version type of brush, which claims to make lashes look “visibly multiplied and fuller”. This new multiplying brush seems to be making people go crazy so I had to give it a try. If you have read some of my previous posts, you will know my difficulties with mascara, I’m very particular. Now, I do like this product, absolutely nothing wrong with it, it’s brilliant for everyday. However, I would have liked to have seen more volume as this is what the new brush claims to do.

Bourjois – Aqua Blush 


Okay, these are so fresh to the market. Every drugstore is going crazy over them. Go onto a drugstore website and they are on the front page. Go into a drugstore and there is a stand for them. Bourjois are very well known for their iconic blushes. For blush, they have it spot on! I haven’t had a chance to test these, so I will be doing a blog on them! The concept of this product is fabulous. Pump a tiny amount onto your hand and then place onto the cheeks! Will let you know how these work out for me!

L’oreal – Infallible Mega Gloss


These beauties have been out for quite a while. I did pick them up when they first came out; I just didn’t get around to blogging about them. I did pick up more colours and of the different textures, but I went away for the weekend and somehow have only come home with two. They are delightful products. My favorite’s are from the matte range as I’m not really into gloss or creams, I much prefer a matte or a stain on my lips, if I am going to wear a “lipgloss”. Now, I was very intrigued by the applicator of this product, lets be honest, it’s weird, but good! I found the applicator makes it a lot easier to apply the product, especially with the intense colours. The staying power is amazing and I genuinely cannot fault these!

If there are any products here which you would like a fuller review on then please let me know and I will do it for you!
Thanks for reading guys!:)

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