“where’s all your money gone? It’s on my face!” – High-end makeup haul!

Hi again guys!
Over the past few weeks I have been going a little bit crazy and spent wayy to much money than I should have on makeup. Both high-end and drugstore. I haven’t done a haul in quite a while so I thought this would be the perfect time. Ill do two blog posts, one for high-end and one for drugstore. Obviously, as they are recently purchased I can’t go into great detail on the products so I have decided that I will later do reviews and tutorials on some of the products!

Dior – AirFlash foundation 


For quite a while now, I have been dying to get my hands on this foundation. The idea of it truly fascinates me. I know the drugstore have products with a simpler idea, however they tend to be patchy and overall useless (in my opinion anyway). So I thought I would splash some cash and see what this is like. So far, I love it!

Dior – SkinFlash Illuminator 


Okay, So the woman at the Dior counter was a very good sales woman. I did not intend on purchasing this as it seems very similar to YSL Touche Eclat, which is my all time glory product. However, the lady insisted on me trying this and the second she applied it under my eyes I fell in love! I’ll have to report back if it works the wonders when I apply it!

HourGlass – Ambient powder 


This was a huge hit to my bank account but oh boy was it worth it! This is Hourglass new Ambient line. There is an original but I have never purchased or used the originals to compare to the new. But my oh my, this product literally makes me feel like a Hollywood model who doesn’t care about the haters! I love this product and will be doing a tutorial with it to show you guys how stunning it is! Worth the money guys!!!

Benefit – Roller lash


I have finally joined the bandwagon on this one! I don’t really need to say much about this product as almost everyone owns it and I happened to be the last to admit defeat to  it’s hype!

Stilla – Waterproof liquid eyeliner


I have been on the hunt for a new liquid eyeliner for quite a while and now the hunt is over. As ashamed as I am to admit this, today when I went to the gym I left my eye makeup on as I had been out all day and forgot to take it off ( I did take off my face makeup however) and this did not budge! I mean, I went full on 40 minutes cardio, then weights, then core and it did not move!!! What is this, is Stilla playing some form of a mental joke with me!? All I can say is well done Stilla!

Charlotte Tilbury – Norman Parkinson matte revolution edition 


Last and certainly not least, Charlotte Tilbury. Come on, need I say more. Forever your best friend. Whilst I absolutely loved the look of the entire range, I do need to eat so I went for the lipsticks. These are the only two lipsticks in this range. ‘Miss Kensington’ and ‘Red’. They are stunning. You could not ask for a better colour combination, considering there are only two shades in the range. A nude and a red. The two colours every girl needs!!

That’s it for today guys!
If there is anything you would like me to review or do a tutorial on then please comment below and let me know!
Thanks for reading!:)

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