Oh what a dupe! NARS ‘Orgasm’ vs. Sleek ‘Rose Gold’ Blusher

Hey again guys!

Now anyone who is into makeup, is always on the hunt for drugstore dupes to their favourite high end products. We all do it! If you can find a cheaper alternative that is just as good then you’re always a winner! 
I have been on the hunt for a dupe for NARS ‘orgasm’ for ages! I love orgasm, it is my go to blusher, I can’t get enough of it! But as a blogger I wanted to find a dupe so that I could recommend a cheaper alternative for anyone who can’t afford the high end products.

I believe I may have just done it!

In my town, they have completely refurbished Superdrug (for anyone who doesn’t know, this is just a UK drug store). The girls and myself went in to look. Obviously. I went over to the sleek counter and started looking at blushes, as I’ve become obsessed with them recently. The one of I opened was ‘Rose Gold’. I immediately thought to myself ” Oh my god, this is almost identical to Orgasm, I must try!” So Naturally I purchased it.

I have worn it quite a few times now and my oh my is truly is the perfect dupe. Now, obviously it is not ‘orgasm’. It is a slightly bolder colour and on swatching it does appear slightly chalky. However, if you use a very light hand then you can get the same look as ‘orgasm’ gives. A little goes a long way. It’s staying power is insane. Seriously. I work in a hot, busy restaurant and 5 hours later I can loo in the mirror and still think to myself “dam my blush is on point” and no that is not from sweat.

Everyone knows that the Sleek blushers are amazing. I never really fell into the trend of Sleek. Until now. I highly recommend this blush for anyone who can’t afford the alternative. It truly is remarkable and for only £4.49!


Thankyou for reading! 🙂

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