NARS Contour and lip palette

Hi again guys! It’s that dreaded time of year again. Exam time. I am currently finishing off my first year and preparing for my big law exam. It’s quite scary! My last few post have all been for my final portfolio so today I thought I would come back with a beauty review. As I am really busy at the moment, I won’t be able to do detailed posts but a brief over-view is better than nothing! So here it goes!

Today I want to talk about the NARS Contour and lip palette. I have had this for a few weeks now and I have been reaching for it more than anything else! I was so excited when I got this product, it has everything you could need for highlighting, contouring and blush. Not forgetting the beautiful lipgloss that comes with it! It is the perfect travel kit. It is compact and easy to throw into the bag!


Now of course, NARS couldn’t have released a contour palette without using their ‘Laguna’ bronzer. It’s a must have beauty product! It is a beautiful colour and works perfectly for day to day contouring. The palette also has their ‘Albatross’ highlighter, which is again stunning. Now if you want a heavy contour look, this combination probably isn’t ideal. But if you want a subtle day to day look which slightly defines your features then it is perfect. To top of this look, the palette offers three blushers. ‘Enrapture’, ‘Anthralled’ and ‘Roman Holiday’. Now I love the choices of blushes that this palette offers, however I was expecting ‘Orgasm’ to be in there to compliment ‘Laguna’. But this is not a massive loss and I am sure majority of makeup junkies have this in their collection anyway!

The lipgloss is stunning and perfect for summer. However, my only dig with it, is the way it sticks. Sticky lipgloss is just the worst in my opinion but give it half hour or so and it just leaves a nice shine to your lips.

As I am constantly travelling from university to home, travel friendly products have now become essential for me. I highly recommend this product, it is great for simple everyday looks and gives you everything you need in one little box! Go grab ladies! For Β£35, personally I think it is great value for money!

Thankyou for reading guys!
If any of you have this palette please comment what you think of it!
I probably won’t be able to blog next week due to exams but I shall try!! ❀

8 thoughts on “NARS Contour and lip palette

    1. yeah same! I would have liked it if Orgasm was in there but I already have it so it’s not a massive deal for me but it would probably benefit others who don’t have it


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