“The perfect beach body”- I think not

With summer on the horizon, many people are beginning to prepare their “beach body”. But this year, there has been an outbreak of anger after ‘Protein World’ released their summer advert. The controversial advert features a bikini model surrounded by the question “Are you beach body ready?” Many took to social media to express their views on how the advert promotes distorted views on weight. Campaigners took their views that step further and held a beach-themed demonstration in London. Women showed up to stand in the cold and showed off their various body types in bikinis.

In reaction to all of this controversy, Boohoo recently released their new “plus sized” range. The collection is truly stunning and allows those considered plus sized to have the same style as everyone else. However, this has also caused much controversy. On Boohoo’s normal range they tend to give their buyer’s information of what size the model is wearing. However, on their plus size range they don’t. Some are taking to Twitter saying that some of the models could only be wearing a size 10. Some have tweeted that the company should be “disgusted” in themselves and that it is “insulting”.

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 17.10.25 This is this most commented picture as many are disgusted that she is considered plus size.

In the society that we live in, appearance is everything. It is no wonder young girls struggle with their confidence. With companies advertising that we must take pills in order to be considered “beach ready”, and others using normal sized models to promote their plus size ranges. It is no wonder so many suffer with eating disorders. Reggie Yates programme, ‘Extreme Russia’ shows girls starving themselves in order to get noticed in the modeling industry. Companies should be trying to promote a healthy body for the summer rather than trying to deceive girls into thinking that they can only show some flesh during the hotter months if they are a size 6 or smaller.

3 thoughts on ““The perfect beach body”- I think not

  1. I agree! I think its insulting when they show “plus size models” and they barely look any different than the mega skinny ones. I know a few girls with eating disorders and I know looking at stuff like that makes them struggle! Thanks for posting this


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