The Importance of the student vote – General election 2015

On Thursday 7th May 2015, people all over England will be casting their vote to elect the new Prime Minister. This is most unpredicted election in decades. With around 3,000,000 students across the UK, they have become the most crucial voters. However, many students are not voting due to a lack or knowledge or care.

Despite their promise to leave tuition fees, the Liberal Democrats joined a coalition with the Conservatives and raised the tuition by £6000. Students across England and Wales now pay £9000 per year compared to the previous £3000. This caused so much anger and frustration that many took to the streets and begun riots. Whilst this protest may not have gone as planned the original protest was to show the governments failure of students.

As a first year student, I have heard so many announcing their lack of knowledge on the election and the parties manifestos. University tuition fees, plus the student loan, will leave students in a extortionate debt, for a large proportion of their lives. It is astounding the number who are uninterested. For this election, the Labour party has promised to reduce tuition fees down to £6000 per year. However, one has to question how they will approach this. If they reduce the fees for upcoming students, will they leave current students paying £9000? If so there will be major riots. It will also mean that there will be no students for a year as upcoming undergrads will defer.

Whilst many students aren’t interested in the election,  it is estimated that students will be paying off the debt up into their 50’s. It is important that they cast their vote tomorrow. Students need to show the parties that it is not acceptable to continue to raise the tuition, as anyone who is capable, should have access to higher education, despite their household income.

Thanks for reading!

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