Body Shop – Night care routine

Hi again guys! I have recently discovered a whole new night time routine for my skin.  I have only been using these products for about a week and I have already noticed major differences in my skin! All of the products I now use are from Body Shop and I thought I would share with you what they are and give a brief review of them!

Firstly, I use the brand new Vitamin E overnight serum-in-oil. I use a few drops and rub it all into my face and neck. This product is absolutely amazing and unlike other oils I have tried, it sinks into my skin almost immediately so you are not left with oily face (which cannot be a bad thing). You can use this product by itself or with other products and the results will still be amazing. At only £13, it is well worth the money as it will last a very long time too!


Secondly, I go on to use the Vitamin E eye-cube. I love this product! It immediately brightens up your eyes and gives them immediate moisture. I use this product both day and night time and I cannot get enough of it! All you have to do is a figure of eight around your eyes and you’re good to go! This product is only £8 and I strongly recommend it! I’m not quite at the stage yet where I suffer with bad circles under my eyes but even I have noticed changes since using this!


Finally, I use my absolute favourite product, the Drops of Youth, Bouncy sleeping mask. I cannot even describe how amazing this product is! You only need a tiny amount and rub it into your skin and you’re good to go! It only takes about a minute to sink in aswell which is amazing compared to other sleeping masks! You don’t have to take it off or do anything with it, just sleep! Every morning since using this, my skin has felt absolutely amazing and I cannot believe how smooth it is! Although this is a little more pricey at £22, it is an amazing product and worth every penny. If I had to recommend just one product out of the three it would defiantly be this one!!


So that’s it! I don’t think I have ever had such a great routine that actually works! It truly is the best routine I have had and from a high street brand, I couldn’t ask for better! I don’t think I will be changing this routine for a long time! If you’re on a low budget I really do recommend trying some of The Body Shops products as they truly are amazing!!

Thanks for reading!
If any of you have tried these products please tell me what you think!!!

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