Dior’s ‘Iconic Overcurl’ mascara – Review

Hi again guys! Sorry it has been a while since my last post, I find it difficult to post when I go home as I am catching up with family and friends! But I’m back now and excited for the next few posts I’ve got lined up and I hope you like them!

While I was home I purchased Dior’s new mascara the ‘Iconic Overcurl’. If any of you have read my other posts you will know that I find it extremely challenging to find a new mascara that I love or prefer to the L’oreal Telescopic! But I can finally say I have found a new mascara that I love! I had heard so many great reviews about Dior’s new mascara and thought I would give it ago myself. It is absolutely amazing. Not only is the packaging stunning and slick, the actual product works wonders. It defiantly lives up to it’s name of the ‘Overcurl’! One thing I really struggle with is keeping my eyelashes curled once I apply mascara and it got to the point where I faced facts that I was never going to have curled lashes. But that has now changed! With the brush designed to grab all of the lashes in a curled manner, you can apply layers of mascara and it will still keep the curl. I can’t even explain how good it is. Put it this way, being an Essex girl, fake eyelashes are my best friend but as I wanted to see the just how good the mascara was I decided not wear fake eyelashes with it but everyone still thought I was wearing them! That is how good it is! What I love about this mascara especially, is the way you can build on it. If you want a natural eye it is great for that and you only need a few strokes and you’re done. But it is also brilliant for bold eyes. I love big, bold eyelashes and I can still get that effect with this mascara. I assumed that the more mascara I put on the curl would drop but now I am able to have big eyelashes with the curl! My dream!

I believe that makeup is down to individual taste and no matter what kind of style you like for your eyelashes you can achieve it with the Dior ‘Iconic Overcurl’. All I can say is thank you Dior for restoring my faith in mascara!!!

Thankyou for reading, I hope you enjoyed! The photo’s don’t do it justice but I thought I would show you guys anyway!!



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