Dawn French becomes Falmouth University Chancellor!

Yesterday marked a historical moment for Falmouth University as Dawn French was installed as the very first Chancellor! From the service at King Charles the Martyr church, to the celebrations in the evening, her installation was one to remember.

Falmouth is the leading University of the Arts in the UK. However, despite this achievement the Creative Arts degrees are still not considered “academically worthy”. With the government currently cutting the budget for the Creative Arts, many students are frustrated. This is why both students and staff are extremely happy with Dawn French as chancellor as she finally stood up for the Arts. Her speech at the church was truly inspirational as she challenged the education system and spoke of her disappointment in the government. The Education Sectary, Nicola Morgan, is currently claiming that the arts are not “future proof” and that all students should stay clear of them. Yet Falmouth University is in the top 26% of graduate employment according to their website.

As Dawn clearly expressed in her speech, “we cannot live properly without the Arts”. It is not just painting and drawing that defines the Arts. This is such a broad area. Without the Arts we would not have films, literature or music. Whilst Mathematicians and Scientists play an important role in society, the Arts are important too. Whilst it is extremely exciting to have Dawn French as our Chancellor, it is not her fame, which impresses all of the students. It is her pure determination to stand for the Arts and prove the government wrong. After the London protests, the government still fails to recognise students anger. First the rise in tuition fees, now the cuts to crafts.

As students are some of the most crucial voters in election, you would think more would be done. With the general election nearly two months away, it is clear that the current coalition parties will not be receiving the votes from the millions of students in the UK.

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