Keeping fit!

Hi again guys! Okay, so today I’m going to do a slightly different post. When I first came to uni I began to stack on the pounds. Quickly too! Lets just say, no matter what you hear, unless you literally live off of cereal then university lifestyle is no friend to your scales!! When I went home for christmas I decided enough was enough and whilst I have not considered myself to be “large” I have also never been stick thin. I didn’t know how prone I was to weight gain until I came to university. Even when I used to dance I was never “tiny” but I kept a consistent weight.

So when I came back from christmas I tried to diet and go jogging because I hated the idea of the gym. Lets just say it lasted about 2 days. I tried cutting out almost everything fattening from my diet and I ended up starving and I just hated it. So I took a a few weeks and have now started again. But this I’m doing it very differently! I’m writing this post as more of a motivation for myself as if I share it with you guys I’m more likely to stick with it! so lets begin!

For eating, I haven’t changed anything drastically. On thing that I have enormously limited myself to is diary. I am a massive dairy junkie, especially with milk! So as I genuinely drink about 30 cups of tea a day, I now drink green tea instead and surprisingly I love it! I always make sure that I have breakfast as this was something I was really bad at and would avoid at any cost! One of my favourite breakfasts is my summer fruit smoothie, it’s soooo good! (Ill do a separate blog on how to make this). I have few rules with my breakfast, I always have fruit with it and I always have 2 glasses of water. I just feel that this is the perfect way to start a day and immediately wakes me up! Another one of my meal rules is that I only eat meat twice a week. I know meat isn’t bad for you but this is just a personal thing as I wanted to explore more foods other than just eating chicken every night!

For snacks I now eat a lot of fruit (I know being a uni student, the healthy lifestyle can be quite expensive so I do buy a lot of frozen fruit as it keeps longer and ALDI is my best friend so I can have lots of fruit and veg!). If I get hungry I will just end up eating an apple or a banana or something similar, I have always loved fruit so this wasn’t anything new to me but usually I would go for the crisps or the biscuits, but no more! However, this doesn’t mean that Im not eating them at all. On Thursday night, Eastenders was just too tense for me that I didn’t even realise I had nearly eaten half a packet of biscuits… oops. Eastenders has been my life this week though!

I have now joined the gym and me and 3 of my girls go together 4 times a week. I hate going on my own and almost refuse to do it! So thats why I go with other people as it’s more motivational for me. As I said I go 4 times a week and sometimes 5 if I have eaten half a packet of biscuits because of a soap! I spend just over an hour in there and heres what I do:
– 10 minutes running machine
– 5 minutes rowing machine
– 5 minutes on the bikes doing interval training
– 30 reps of 10 on 35 on the hip abductor
– 30 reps of 10 on 35 on the thigh abductor
– 20 reps of 10 on 20 (my arms are weak) on the Pec flye
– 20 pullovers with a 7.5 weight
– 20 squats with a 6 weight lifting it above my head as I rise
– 1 minute plank
– 30 seconds walking planks
– repeat this process on my sides

These are the things I make myself do but then I do some other workouts depending on how I am feeling! Surprisingly I’m actually loving the gym and I have genuinely want to go!

I have only been doing this for two weeks but I am already seeing results! My face is looking a lot thiner and my skin is clearing up really well!! I can’t wait to see the results in a few more weeks! I know this was a bit of a long post and I debated whether or not to do it but i thought it would be good motivation for myself!
Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!!:)

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