Makeup haul!

Hi guys! Sorry I haven’t uploaded anything recently, its been a really busy past few weeks and I have constantly been on the go!

So this week I had a week off of university and went home for a bit. As it was my birthday during January, my mum and dad took me shopping in Cambridge and Bluewater and I thought I would share with you the makeup I picked up and my first impressions of them!

On our first shopping trip we went to Cambridge and the minute I stepped into the John lewis store, I was immediately drawn to the makeup section!(of course). The first counter that I went over to was the Chanel counter. I’ve been dying to try out the ‘Perfection Lumiere’ foundation for absolutely ages now and decided that I would finally pick it up! I had myself colour matched and picked up the shade ’20 beige’. I am so pleased with this product and extremely happy that I finally picked it up! It gives outstanding coverage but is not too heavy. I know it is quite pricey but it is worth every penny. At the moment my skin is not too good and I have a few blemishes and this foundation completely covers them. Iv only been using one pump of this and it lasts all day and I only have to apply it once! Defiantly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a new foundation.


If you have looked at any of my other posts, you will know my obsession for lip products and especially the YSL range. So it wouldn’t surprise you that I went and picked up another lipstick. This time I picked up the ‘Rouge Pur Couture’ Lipstick in the shade 50. When I picked up this colour I thought it would be quite an intense red, however when I applied it, it was more of a orangey colour. However, it is absolutely stunning! I can already tell this will be my new summer lipstick and will be worn everyday! Of course I had to try this colour out as soon as I could and wore it the day after I purchased it. It was super easy to apply and the colour almost stained my lips(in a good way) which meant that it lasted a lot longer than I had expected! very happy with this purchase!


As the MAC store in Cambridge is connected to the John Lewis store, I wondered in there without even realising. Very good way of drawing people in MAC! I looked around the store for nearly 30 minutes and realised that I could end spending a lot of money and even though they were birthday presents, my inner student screamed out “DONT SPEND ALL THIS MONEY”. So I decided that I really needed a new foundation brush and I knew I wanted to get a MAC one so I picked up the ‘MAC 188’ brush. It’s absolutely brilliant! The brush really absorbs the foundation so that you really don’t have to use much. It even spreads the product round the face and just leaves a perfect complexion.


We then went to Bluewater a few days later. For anyone who doesn’t know, Bluewater is basically a huge shopping mall in England. I only actually ended up purchasing a few items from NARS as the shops were closing as we went quite late.
I picked up the ‘Orgasm’ blusher, this is almost in everyones makeup collection but I was a little late off the mark as I have only really started wearing blush on a day to day. This is an absolute beauty! It really gives that final glow to my face. What I love about this product is it’s not bright pink and doesn’t sit heavily on my face. It’s very subtle but works wonders!
Of course I picked up one of their lipsticks. I got the shade ‘Tolede’. It’s an amazing colour and really good for day to day wear. In my ‘Top 5 lip products’ I have done a review on NARS lipsticks so go check that out as it applies to this one too!
Finally, Iv been looking for a plum eyeshadow for absolutely ages now. I couldn’t even find the shade I wanted in MAC! But it was just staring at me in NARS so I had to get it! I picked up the single eyeshadow in the shade ‘New york’. I couldn’t be happier with this product! Whilst you do have to apply small amounts at a time, once it has built its beautiful. However, I will say that you cannot go straight in and apply a large amount as it will look too much. However, you can see on the brush whether or not you have picked too much up!


Sorry this was such a long post but I really wanted to share these products with you guys as they are absolutely amazing and I couldn’t be happier with them! I know that these products are quite pricey and are not in everyones price range but they were birthday gifts and I’m sure there are highstreet alternatives which I will try and track down for you guys soon!
Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!

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